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Control my pain project is a brilliant program was designed to teach people holistic strategies to heal their pain, put together by Survive Strive Thrive.

Chronic pain, as we all know impacts on every area of your life – it’s not just the pain but fatigue, anxiety, and sadness.

chronic pain holistic pain management

Survive Strive Thrive’s program, Control My Pain teaches people to heal their pain with strategies for body, mind & social well-being so they can get the joy back in their lives.

They put it into three categories –

Body – Reduce your pain and increase your mobility, strength, and fitness.

Mind – Calm the mind, reduce your stress and lift your emotions.

Social Well-Being – Improve your relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

The six-week holistic pain management program is an intensive online training program, you’ll discover the best evidenced-based strategies to reduce your pain and restore your health, comfort and happiness.

It start’s with a quick start guide video which explains all the content which is in the form of a video lesson which they recommend you only do one topic a week. They run a Facebook group 

Week One is Science of Pain – Knowledge is power. The key to healing pain is understanding how our bodies process pain & why pain becomes chronic. This module leverages the latest neuroscience to teach you how to calm an overly sensitive nervous system.

Week Two is Biopsychosocial Approach -Do you walk less, worry more & enjoy less activities now you live with pain?

We respond to pain with our body, mind & social activities – these normal biopsychosocial responses can complicate your recovery.

Week Three is Thoughts and Feelings – Living with chronic pain can create fear, anxiety, distress, frustration & sadness in the most resilient of people. Discover leading therapeutic techniques to soothe a troubled mind, regain a sense of control & boost your emotions.

Week Four is Relaxation – Pain creates a lot of distress, anxiety & frustration – which in turn can impact upon pain. Learn proven relaxation techniques to handle pain flares & create a greater sense of coping & calm.

Week Five is Managing Activity – Do you move less now you live with chronic pain because you are afraid of further damage? This natural response also reduces your mobility, affects your mood & increases your pain. Learn how to confidently increase your activity levels without fear of injury.

Week Six is Communication – Pain can impact on even the most solid of relationships. Discover proven communication strategies to get back to enjoying meaningful relationships with family, friends & colleagues.

I am about to start this six-week course and will write a weekly review of each module I listen to.  I feel that if I only learn of a couple of things to help with my pain then it’s well worth taking the course.

For further details of this course click on this link to Control My Pain Project.




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