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I am in my first week of Control My Pain Program from the Survive Strive Thrive team which was designed to teach people holistic strategies to heal their pain. The whole course is video and audio content which I think makes it more interesting and easy to understand.

Week One is ‘Science of Pain’

After the introduction video, you are asked to take a quiz which explains about pain and how your brain intercepts pain signals. Next comes a video about neuroplasticity and your capacity to construct new links, and manage your pain followed by another quiz. The quizzes are all examples of neuroplasticity being used to heal or significantly reduce the impact of symptoms for a number of chronic conditions.

Next came Body Chemicals – did you know that your happy body chemicals already provide most of your pain relief. The next quiz asks you questions about body chemicals and lets you know if you have the answer correct or not ( I got them all right phew).

Then came the Science of Pain, Summary which is shown by a number of pictures with another quiz after you have seen the video. The week one’s course finishes with the Science of Pain Resources which gives you a list of helpful websites and books you could buy as well as the course resources.

So far I am enjoying this program as I have found the first week very easy. When I first set up this #backpainbloguk I took a home study course on Pain Management so that I could find out as much as possible to enable me to write a good blog so I feel sure that is why I am finding the program so good. I am looking forward to next week’s course which is called the Biopsychosocial which is something I have definitely not read about.

I will keep you posted. Hopefully, I will soon be able to write a great post on other ways to control your pain.


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