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I have been trying out the Posture correcting Shirt from ActivePosture.co.uk which has NeruoBand technology to help with back and spinal pain.

For years I have been putting on a lumber support which is a bit like a corset for when I go on long distance travel journeys but I’m never sure if it makes any difference but I feel safer in the corset in case of an accident. With the female Posture Shirt I felt a difference immediately I put it on. My spine felt secure wrapped in this tight band. After a short while I felt a warmth coming through which was pleasant and reassuring.

The way this top corrected my posture was of great importance to me as I work on the laptop for most of my day and I know that improved posture would help with some of my back pain and this was definitely the case while wearing it. It was developed to activate muscle memory and create postural awareness which is important for anyone with any type of spinal problem.

After three days of increasing the hours of wearing it I could soon feel the difference in my lumber spine and will write another review when I have worn it for a bit longer as I feel it is something that should become part of your wardrobe. Although this top is not cheap (£99.95) I do feel it’s worth this price and they do have a 30 day money back guarantee if it didn’t suit you.

In addition to offering evidence based extensive medical research ActivePosture also shares a rather impressive list of nearly two dozen orthopedics, medical directors, physical therapist and various other medical professionals who currently serve on their advisory board, so this product is not just a one off bit of design and technology.

The Posture Shirt 2.0 is engineered with a patented NeuroBand Technology that uses a proprietary blend of variable important biofeedback for muscle retraining.

Their leaflet says that you will experience:

A Gentle Pull

Thermogensis Muscle Heat (This is your muscles activating)

Pain Relief

Muscle Fatigue (Due to increased muscle activity)

Correct Body Alignment

Improved Performance

Faster Recovery Rate

Increased Mobility.

ActivePosture suggest you wear the shirt to your own comfort level so I started with three hours a day then over a couple of days increased it to 6 hours. They also suggested that I had the zipper style rather than the pullover style as I am having problems with my arms and the pull over style would be harder to put on.

If you experience slight soreness in your upper or lower back muscles, stop wearing the product for the rest of the day and wear it again the following day. This gradual progress enables a smooth, easy transition, and helps maintain an aligned posture.

So far I am very impressed with this Posture Shirt and will continue wearing it intermittently and will write another review in a few weeks time.

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