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With so many people out of work these days, even in the medical profession, I found it really interesting to read the sort of adverts that were out in the 1950’s to get students to become nurses.

One such advert started by telling you a story…

Vigil….3am. from the dimness of the word, a low voice calls  Nurse! Quickly but silently she moves to the bedside perhaps to adjust a dressing or merely to give a cooling drink or perhaps to deal with a serious change in the patient’s condition’.

Her training gives a Nurse competence to deal with any situation. Nursing is a responsible form of work and training would give you the confidence to be a nurse. There’s a future in Nursing under the National Health Service. Training allowances start at £100 a year, superannuation for all 28 days paid holiday. Opportunities for promotion at home and abroad. Fill in the form to receive details of the FREE nursing training.

Wow, how things have changed…

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