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Does bad posture cause back pain? Well of course it does. There are lots of reasons that you are suffering from back pain but sitting and standing badly will definitely contribute to that.

In my youth (many years ago) you were given a sash to wear around your waist which you were only given to you if you had good deportment. There was even an end of term deportment prize which was something I never managed to achieve so maybe that’s the reason for my back problems (if only, mine was a malformation in my lumbar spine).

Tap the word deportment into google and  ‘the way a person stands and walks, particularly as an element of etiquette.”poise is directly concerned with good deportment” comes up.
With the young generation now not only bent over to work on a computer most of the day they also stand badly when they are using their mobile phones and I am quite sure that the heavy bags they carry around is another contributor to back pain.
There are numerous support belts available on Amazon which most look suitable for builders or anyone who has to carry weight rather than a posture corrector. There are also a number of posture corrector braces which are mainly to support your back and shoulders but not your whole spine. Back supports are quite different from posture correctors, back supports and lumbar supports offer compressive and proprioceptive benefits which can keep you mobile for longer and make you more aware of your movements and the range of motion you are able to attain. Compression works to manage inflammation which in turn can offer pain relieving qualities. They can also be used to help with conditions relating to the nervous system such as sciatica.
A new great spinal support is a ‘Posture Shirt‘ made by Alignmed, who sell patented posture clothing.  Their shirts give you a gentle pull and help relieve pain. It also helps to correct your body alignment, improve your balance and increase your mobility. They say ‘your posture has an influence on your physical health and overall well-being, so having aligned posture benefits us during work, training and in everyday life.’
In my opinion, I think schools should have good deportment in as part of the curriculum so all the children can learn how to sit and stand correctly so they do not suffer from spinal pain in their later years. Until then it’s a case of finding the right support to suit your pain. I will write another post to cover all the different types of spinal supports for not just low back pain but for any type of back pain in the near future.
Posture Shirt’s are also offering any of my readers a 15% discount if you buy from their website, just pop in Barbara15 as your discount code.


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