Lavender really does help you relax and could even treat anxiety, scientists reveal

The Green World of Health and Wellbeing.

a close up of a flower© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media LimitedThe famous relaxing effects of lavender are real and could even be used medically to treat anxiety, new research suggests.From blooming gardens to aromatherapy oils and bubble baths, people have long claimed that lavender has calming and relaxing benefits.

And now, scientists have confirmed that the smell of the purple plant really does help people unwind.

So much so, that it could even be used to calm patients before surgery, as an alternative to sleeping tablets and to treat anxiety.

Researchers at Kagoshima University in Japan came to this conclusion after analysing whether the smell of linalool, a fragrant alcohol found in lavender extracts, helps mice relax.

They found that mice which were exposed to the aroma did in fact show less signs of anxiety.

‘In folk medicine, it has long been believed that odorous compounds derived from plant extracts…

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