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If, like me, you suffer from any form of neck, cervical or shoulder pain you can understand how uncomfortable this can be. Everyone reacts differently to either a treatment or a product they try to alleviate the pain. For me personally heat wins every time.

I have a few different types of heat pads for this type of pain which I have written about before. Thermacare Heat Wraps are available from just about every chemist with only a slight variation on cost. They are clinically proven to be as effective as six ibuprofen tablets and it works for 8 hours.

I think the best cushions that you put in your microwave are the ones from Pain Relief. Cushions who have a great one to wrap around your neck that are called Horseshoe Neck Wheat Cushion . This is the horseshoe wheat bag, which sits well round the neck, not needing to be held in place. Holds the heat well as the body of the wearer recharges the cushion. Wonderful for whiplash pain, neck strain and trapped nerves. This wheat bag measures Approx. 10.5″ x 10.0″ on offer at the moment for £17.19

Sweet Dreams Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Electric Heat Pad available from Amazon is the perfect fit and great to use at home, in bed or sitting in a chair. The one below is on Amazon at the moment for £33.95

Sweet Dreams Luxurious Soft Neck & Shoulder Electric Heating Pad - Therapeutic, Soothing Pain Relief Therapy for Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

What works for one does not work the same for another, but this simple graphic from Cleveland Clinic on Pinterest explains the difference between heat and ice for pain.


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