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These five useful tips from Pain Warrior Code are so topical and would help anyone when going through an acute phase of overwhelming pain.

Venting it out is something I would never have thought of doing and yet it makes complete sense. Get it off your chest instead of bottling it all up. I tend to keep it to myself as I feel it’s the same old all the time but actually an acute attack can knock you for six and unless you let others know what you are going through then they will not know how to help you.

Encouraging yourself that it’s just an acute phase and not a chronic one can also put your mindset into the I can get through this part of a flare-up. As I am sure by now all my readers know that I am a massive advocate of rest. Without my rest I would not be the person I am today, I would be a very miserable person. I can’t stress enough how even forty winks can kick-start your own endorphins to help you cope with pain.

And of course my way of redirecting my thoughts is to write.


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