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Having had two previous cervical surgeries and suffering a great deal with neck pain this year, it was fascinating to read an article on Pinterest which said ‘ Is there a link between neck conditions and fibromyalgia ?’

The website ‘Upper Cervical Awareness‘ says there has been some interesting research that may point toward a link between fibromyalgia and problems in the neck. According to researchers in Germany, there is a higher incidence of neck and jaw problems in patients with fibromyalgia.

The 555 patients in the study were all experiencing either neck problems, jaw issues, or both. Of the 555, 63% met the criteria for a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. In fact, 83% of the patients with fibromyalgia were experiencing facial asymmetry.

I have to say that I do not suffer from any jaw problems just my neck and cervical spine.

Upper Cervical Awareness point out that although the study didn’t comment on the reason for the link, researchers recommended ‘a multidisciplinary approach to care that addresses neck and jaw problems. ‘

They go on to explain that when the top bone of the neck (atlas) is out of alignment, even by a fraction of a millimeter, it can affect the surrounding structures such as the muscles and other soft tissue of the neck and face. As a result, many people with an atlas misalignment experience either neck pain, face pain, jaw problems, or other similar symptoms.’

As a teenager I suffered a lot with what Fibrositis ( now fibromyalgia ) and it’s really strange that my pain was mainly cervical pain at that stage. My lumber pain started with a slipped disc which then became prolapsed over the years but reading through the lines of this article I feel I was definitely starting with fibromyalgia (as it’s called today) way back then.

Without these studies, even if some prove nothing we will not be able to truly understand all about fibromyalgia and when people first started suffering from it and what their first symptoms were.

As Upper Cervical Awareness point out ‘clearly, it is worth looking into an atlas misalignment as the underlying source of fibromyalgia symptoms.’


  1. I’m not surprised if there’s a correlation there…. My Fibromyalgia started a couple of years after I had two falls, both of which ended with me doing a face-plant on pavement. (PSA — watch where you’re walking when you’re outside!😁) Ever since those falls, I’ve had a terrible time with my neck, even after two different rounds of physical therapy. This makes me wonder if I should consult a chiropractor…. Thanks for sharing this information Bar!


  2. An interesting one. I guess it doesn’t surprise me, in the sense that there’s a lot of nerves and muscles around the neck and face and so many things can trigger pain and flares with fibromyalgia. I don’t really get jaw or facial pain thankfully, but I get a lot of problems with my neck/shoulders. Thanks for sharing this, I like keeping up with new research and learning about possible links between things this like.
    Caz xx


  3. It’s interesting – I can always tell when fibro is coming on because I have ceaseless aching in the back of my neck, the back of my head and my shoulders.


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