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What is a slipped disc? Well, the spine’s vertebrae are separated by discs of cartilage which is made up of a tough outer ring with a soft jelly-like substance inside.

When you have a slipped disc, the soft part escapes between the vertebrae and can press on a nerve. The NHS point out that –

A slipped disc (also called a prolapsed or herniated disc) can cause:

  • lower back pain
  • numbness or tingling in your shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs or feet
  • neck pain
  • problems bending or straightening your back
  • muscle weakness
  • pain in the buttocks, hips or legs if the disc is pressing on the sciatic nerve (sciatica)

Axappp Health say that not all slipped discs cause symptoms. Many people will never know they have slipped a disc. Most people recover from a slipped disc. The spinal disc usually shrinks back and stops pushing on the nerve. In some cases, however, the disc can keep pressuring the nerve. Recovery can take, usually between one and three months.

Some of the causes of a slipped disc include age as our spinal discs degenerate over the years through wear and tear.

Another cause could be that the disc is damaged through strain and pressure. If you lift or bend awkwardly or injure your back in an accident this could cause a disc to prolapse.

Smoking, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle could all be factors in a slipped disc as well as sports that involve a lot of weights.


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