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As some of my readers will know we decided to move from the East Midlands to Brighton to be nearer our married siblings. Our daughter is having her first baby in mid-August which is our first grandchild and a bonus to us, as we had planned to move before we even knew she was pregnant.

My father passed away last October after spending 3 months in hospital 80 miles away from where we live at the moment. At the ripe age of 93, myself and my twin sister felt we could never leave Dad alone while in the hospital and worked out our itinerary for those 3 months. It was totally exhausting and we decided we could not put our children through what we had been through and so the best thing was to move closer to them.

It was a big decision to make as all our friends are here. We have lived in this house for over 30 years and have a bucket load of memories but we still felt the time was right.

Of course, moving further south meant a much smaller house but they say when you get older you should downsize. We eventually found some lovely new houses being built in a lovely village only 15 minutes from our daughter and set our heart on one of these. Getting both the selling and the buying of a new home at the same time was quite an ordeal but we have managed to get there in the end. This pretty little (half the size we have now) house is just so adorable it made me cry when we decided to buy it. And the best thing is that everything is new which is what I really wanted.

The move once we have exchanged (fingers crossed) should be in the next month so we have been busy deciding what pieces of large furniture we want and what we think will or won’t fit. The whole process since the beginning of this year when we put our house on the market has been both therapeutic and also emotional. We would come across pictures that we had forgotten all about, baby items we have kept forever, letters from loved ones tucked away in a desk and an abundance of friends saying they will miss us.

We decided right from the beginning that we would have packers do it all for us as I would not be able to manage it but as we are moving into a smaller house it will be an easy move for the professionals.

Last week a good friend organised a lovely surprise lunch for me. There were 12 of us and yes my tears did fall when I opened the card from them all with vouchers in it for a garden centre. We are moving a long way from where we live to the south coast but I have told all my friends that I have done it many times on the train on my own (to go and see my daughter) and that it is a doddle. I just told them to always remember to take their stick as there really are some very kind people out there who will offer you a seat or help if you need it.


Even my Doctor was a tad emotional but she could not emphasize what an amazing thing we were doing and she wished some of her elderly patients could do the same as us. My pain consultant gave me the name of someone in Brighton he wants me to see as he does the same treatments as him. We decided to keep the same dentist as we will be popping over to see friends and can tie it in with that so I’ve no worries about who and where I go for my treatments.

The new house will be a doddle to keep clean, the small garden is adequate for us and the perfect size for hubby to look after. I have seen on the village’s website that there are lots of clubs and other activities if we could join them but my priority my first grandchild due in a few months time so I think I will just relax until he/she arrives.

What has astounded us most is what you collect and just pop into a cupboard or in your garage and there it stays until probably your family have to deal with it like we did with Dads. We have not only downsized in our house size but we have also downsized in the bits we kept which are really just junk. We have both felt ‘better’ for sorting things out and I have already decided that when we settle into our new home that once a year I will go round my small home and throw anything away that is of no use to me. It is actually quite liberating.


  1. This sounds like such perfect timing and though it will be hard to leave a home with so many memories I have such a good feeling about this. I cannot wait to hear about your new adventures and congratulations on your new addition to the family xx


    1. Thank you very much Beverley, I promise when we are settled in I will write a descriptive post about our new little abode. I can’t wait, it’s a new chapter in our life xx


  2. Congratulations on your new home! Mike and I went through a similar saga just a year ago, and it was the best decision ever. With mobility an issue for me and my hips, our 2-story colonial of 30 years was not ideal, and we now reside in a much newer one-level home that we love. Your description of the varied emotions of the process was lovely, and so true.


    1. Many thanks for your comment. Only you, having recently done it could understand the ups and downs but the ups by far way out the downs. It doesn’t matter what type of pain I am in at the moment as I keep telling myself it will only get better. Soooooooooo pleased to hear you were also happy you moved.


  3. Congratulations on your new home Bar! How exciting to be moving into a brand-new house! Although it can be hard to leave a home you’ve lived in for a long time, I’m sure you’ll make many more wonderful memories in your new home.


  4. Thanks very much Terri, I’ve been going with the flow since we decided but I must admit hubby has had a few anxious times about it but I know it will be brilliant being so close to our daughter. Xx

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  5. I thought I had left you a comment on Saturday, but now I’m not so sure…. Because you inspire me, I’ve nominated you for the Chronically Hopeful Award. Of course, there’s no pressure, and if you don’t participate in awards, that’s fine, but I want you to know that you inspire me. If you do participate, you can see the post here https://reclaiminghope.blog/2019/06/08/im-so-honored-i-was-nominated-for-the-chronically-hopeful-award/ Blessings to you sweet friend!


    1. Hi Terri, I didn’t get anything on this nomination. I am flattered and so chuffed, it’s so kind of you to put my name down. I love winning anything for my blog as I was so useless at school and never won anything so I treasure them all now. I will go over to the link and write a post on it again. Thanks again Terri xx

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      1. I’m so sorry for the delay. I think what’s happening is that for some reason I’m bad about remembering to press “Send” after writing a comment…. You’re an inspiration for me, and you definitely make the blogosphere a much more hopeful place! Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog!


  6. Oh my! The downsizing is tough. The hubby and I are doing this too. But we are moving into a 5th wheel RV. Everything has to go! It’s exciting, overwhelming, and probably the best decision you and I have ever made. Less stuff, more living! (But where did all the trinkets come from, stuffed into cupboards and drawers?) you’ll enjoy having less stuff and will have more time to enjoy your daughter and your first grand Baby! Congrats! ~k.


  7. Thanks, I really have found it quite liberating but enjoyed getting the wool out to start knitting which I wasn’t sure about keeping or giving it away. I’m so pleased I kept it, but trinkets galore have all gone now. X


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