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Could these posture tops help alleviate bad posture which causes lots of back and spinal pain?

PERCKO is a French Company who sell three different types of posture tops to help correct your posture and relieve back pain.

Their website states their posture tops have given 50,000+ users less back pain. Just reading their story on their website of how it all started inspires you to give this product a try.They say that you will get benefit from day one of wearing one of their posture tops.

They have three different tops to choose from, LYNE UP is for daily life, LYNE FIT is for sporting activities and LYNE PRO is ideal for manual activities or gardening.

Their tensor technology is built into the fabric of the top which applies a light pressure onto the lower back and shoulders which pulls the body back into a correct, more supportive posture. You then become aware of your bad posture and then you naturally adopt a better posture.

PERCKO say that 87% of their users reported a reduction in their back pain after less than 2 weeks. Maintaining good posture throughout the day is then going to relieve pressure on the spine and this then eases the pain you get from slouching and leaning which I am sure the majority of us are guilty of.

I personally sit for a couple of hours at my desk and even though I have my laptop on a pile of books so it’s the correct height, and even though I use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and even though I have a back cushion and coccyx cushion I still get a lot of back pain which I am sure my posture is contributing to.

PERCKO approached me to see if I would be interested in trying the LYNE UP top to see if it helps with my back pain. They said that after wearing the LYNE UP for just 3 weeks I will see a permanent improvement in my posture position. Then after that initial 3 weeks they recommend the best way to keep your posture good is to wear the top 2-3 times a week.

Of course I said I would love to try the posture top especially now the weather has changed as I could easily wear it under my own clothes. The top arrived in a beautiful box with instructions on how to wear it and I was keen to get started with it straight away.

I will be keeping a diary of how my posture and back pain improves (hopefully) over the next three weeks and I will then post my honest review on the product.


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