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My regular Sunday post on everything to do with sleep could not be closer to home for me at the moment.

Out of the blue, my sleeping pattern has changed dramatically from being average to diabolical. I can only presume it’s the change in weather and my arthritis as I have changed nothing else to trigger this sleep deprivation off.

A massive number of us struggle with sleep whether it’s too short, disrupted or poor quality. And we all know the serious impact this can have on our health, particularly as we get older or if we suffer from a chronic condition.

I tried stopping my afternoon sleep which I can manage without a problem but that just made me feel ten times worse so it’s back to the drawing board for me.

I know there are a number of different types of Sleep pillows on the market but which one do you try first as you can soon start spending a lot of money on something that may not even worse. I sleep on my front but tend to wake up in my side so I need a fairly flat pillow.

One sleep pillow called The Sound Asleep Pillow which is £50 says ‘Take full control of a smarter sleep by using the soundasleep app to control your pillow from the comfort of your bed. Relax listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts, monitor and manage your snoring, analyse your sleep or use our smart alarm to wake you up.

Other sleep pillows options are the Nanu Sleep Pillow This company takes information about how you like to sleep, whether on your side, back or front. They combine that with your height and weight measurements which they say allows their clever system to create a perfect-for-you firmness level from super soft to super firm for £35.

Another one is the Kally Deep Sleep Pillow which is £29.99 and has been designed specifically for light sleepers, ( that’s me for sure) with a quilted outer layer and generously filled with high quality DuPont Cortana fibres which are light yet supportive, this pillow cradles the head and will help to send you into a deeper, more sumptuous sleep. The fibres retain their shape for longer and rebound after long periods of sleep. They also do the first Kally Adjustable Pillow allowing you to choose your preferred pillow height and firmness. The pillow contains 4 easy-to-remove inner pads and comes dressed in a quilted cotton cover which also benefits from our unique air-vented system keeping you perfectly cool. The Kally Adjustable Pillow is perfect for back, front and side sleepers and is also £29.99

I’d love to know if any of my readers have tried any of these as I am getting pretty desperate for a good night’s sleep. I also wrote another article on My Top 3 Pillows for the discomfort of back and neck pain, which is to help people in pain and then hopefully give them a better night’s sleep.

A good way to check you have chosen the right Pillow is the chart below from The Pillow Advisor who explains how to choose the correct pillow to suit the way you sleep.


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