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I have written before on how keeping a diary of your symptoms can be a great help for your GP or Consultant to totally understand your condition and symptoms. As I have mentioned before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia simply because my spinal consultant asked me to write down every pain and ache after my epidural for six weeks so he could see if the injections were worth giving. After reading my diary he immediately said he was sure I was also suffering from Fibromyalgia and referred me to a Rheumatologist.

When I spotted these books I thought you would all agree with me that just the look of the pretty Fibromyalgia (and other conditions ) symptom checker would prompt me to use them on a daily basis.

The Fibromyalgia CFS ME MS Cancer Daily Symptoms Tracker: A 3-month Fill in the Blank Health and Well-Being Self-Assessment Diary Journal Tracker Logbook… Chronic Pain and Invisible Illness sufferers…’ is a A 3-month fill-in-the-blank health and well-being self-management diary journal tracker logbook for Chronic Pain and Invisible Illness sufferers. Worksheets include: Personal InformationMedical ConditionsMedicationsHealthcare ContactsAppointmentsDaily Symptom tracking. Weekly Symptom SummariesFood and Beverage trackingNotes .Great for people with:FibromyalgiaPolymyalgiaChronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)Myalgic Encephalamyelitis (ME)Multiple Sclerosis (MS)CancerChronic PainUndiagnosed Conditions. Take the diary to doctor’s appointments to help remind you of often-forgotten-to-mention symptoms experienced and to work with your treating health professionals to gain diagnosis, explore and provide feedback on treatment options to self-manage your diagnosed and undiagnosed medical conditions and symptoms, the medications taken, natural remedies tried, and help identify your specific patterns and triggers by Char Casey, Owner / Founder, eDiY Publishing.

Char was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and possibly MS in late 2016. It took 5 long, frustrating years of doctors appointments and tests before finally receiving a diagnosis. Getting a diagnosis was just the first battle; getting proper treatments and finding doctors who knew, understood and or believed in the diagnosis and didn’t make accusations of hypochondria, mental health issues and drug seeking were the bigger, real battles. Char finally met the right healthcare professionals in 2018, and although symptoms are still ever-present, It has somewhat improved – though she would love it to improve further.

At the height of Char’s pain and fatigue symptoms, and feeling completely alone and unsupported by family, friends and health care professionals, out of frustration she started recording her daily symptoms in a spiral notebook and taking it to appointments with her in the hope to prove her symptoms and would be taken seriously and receive treatments to ease up the severity. But, Char struggled to write (among other things), and so, already a self-publishing author, she decided to create a simple to fill in book for her to use. 

Over a number of weeks, Char created the files, published and then ordered proof copies and started filling it in. She took the ‘diary‘ to Pain Clinic appointments, where she finally started receiving the diagnosis and treatments. The Pain Clinic team – consisting of Pain Specialists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists – each commented on the daily symptoms tracker which helped them to learn what information they considered important / unimportant, and layout the information so that it made sense for them (as well as for Char).

Char says she is often still bedridden for days and weeks on end, and so revised the daily symptoms tracker to reflect the advice received and recently decided to publish it so that others could track their symptoms too, to give her something to do – she says ‘it is frustrating not being able to work or even do housework most of the time.’
Propped up in bed, Char started out only being able to do 5 to 10 minutes worth before she became too fatigued to continue. But she is now able to work longer – so long as she takes frequent breaks and listen to her body signals.
I am sure we all relate to Char and I just felt these two books were worth posting on here. They would make a lovely gift if you know someone who is struggling to get a diagnosis and may help someone along to a more comfortable life.
Char’s second book is called Invisible Illness Daily Symptoms Tracker. A 3 Month Fill in the Blank Health and Well-Being Self Assessment Diary which to me, looks far more masculine and perfect for that gentleman you may know who doesn’t like talking about his symptoms. Both books are available from Amazon.


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