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Yoga is one of the best exercises that most back pain sufferers ill benefit from, if they engage in it. There are several benefits that are accrued when you do yoga regularly.


Stress relief

For starters, it’s a fantastic form of stress relief. The slow controlled movements combined with the breathing techniques will calm your mind and body. Most health problems get better when you’re less stressed, and your back pain is no different.

 Increases strength and flexibility

Yoga will also strengthen your core and back muscles through the different poses. While it may seem gentle when compared to more ‘hardcore’ forms of training such as CrossFit or resistance training, yoga will still help to isolate and tone the specific muscles that require strengthening.

The truth of the matter is that certain yoga poses are extremely demanding, and initially, most people (including the strong ones) will face difficulty holding certain poses. Yoga is not completely relaxing. It can be challenging, and if you suffer from back pain, these poses will help to strengthen your core, abs and back muscles.

There is also an element of stretching in yoga. You may be surprised to know that even tight hamstrings and hip flexors can worsen your back pain. The poses in yoga will help to stretch many major muscle groups in your body.

As we age, our body gets less limber and most adults have difficulty touching their toes. Yoga will decrease stress on the lower back by easing your tight muscles. This is one of the best ways to reduce back pain.


Improves blood circulation

When your muscles and joints are stretched, blood circulation to these areas will improve too. When nutrient-rich blood flows easily through your body, the affected area will get good blood flowing through the muscles and joints, and this will aid in healing.

The increased range of motion and mobility that comes about from regular yoga practice will mean that you move more easily, and your back will be less stressed when engaged in the same activities.

Increases awareness of your body

Yoga increases your awareness of your body. You’ll notice improved balance, better coordination, and you’ll be aware of the limitations of your own body. Many people suffering from back pain, often engage in activities that may suddenly trigger the pain and leave them groaning in pain.

When you practice yoga often, you’ll know just how much you can move without aggravating your condition. You’ll understand that the remote control for the TV that’s barely out of reach will require you to stand up and get it, rather than stretch to the side and struggle to reach it with your fingertips only to suddenly trigger spasms of pain in your back.


Improves posture

Yoga will also improve your posture. One of the keys to reducing back pain is to improve your posture. Yoga will really benefit you in this area. It’ll also align your body and correct and imbalances within.

It’s very common for people to have muscular imbalances because we usually rely on the dominant side to do all the work. Yoga with all its poses will strengthen both sides of the body, so that one side is not compensating for the other.

Speak to your doctor first and if he/she gives you the go ahead, you should join a yoga class with a qualified instructor. Inform the instructor about your condition and they’ll tailor routines that will suit you best. Do get started today, and you’ll reap the rewards in no time at all.



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