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We all know that one of the best way to prevent lower back pain is to exercise regularly and engage in strength training so that your core and back muscles are strong.

A regular stretching program to keep you limber will help too.However, if you already have back pain, contrary to popular belief, you still can and should start exercising to strengthen your body. You just need to take it slower and easier… but you need to exercise.In most cases, it’s the lower back that will hurt.

It’s also important to get approval from your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine when you’re suffering from a bad back, but putting that aside we all need to keep active during this isolation period.

If you are unable to take your regular walk then try and set aside an hour each day to do some form of exercise. If you can only manage walking then that’s fine just walk around the house. Count your steps to pass the time by or put some music on but try to dedicate some time to do this every day. It’s important for every part of your body to walk as much as you can.

If you think you can manage more than a walk then check out these six full body stretching exercises from the Real Simple website. Take time to focus on what flexibility may feel like. Stretching is an important part of fitness: It can improve your range of motion, increase circulation, and calm your mind—which may help fend off injuries and illness, as well as bring on a better night’s sleep. To limber up, try the following quick head-to-toe routine created by Dana Slamp, a senior yoga instructor at Pure Yoga, in New York City. Do the complete series once daily. Deepen each stretch with every exhalation, and stop if you feel any strain or pain.

The NHS has these links to home exercises –

Burn calories, lose weight and feel great with our 10-minute home workout routines:

Or, you could follow this YouTube video. Whatever way you decide even if it is just a few stretches twice a day every little bit of time you spend will be beneficial to your health.


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