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Sleep is so important to us all at the moment as when you sleep, growth hormones are secreted to stimulate cell regeneration and repair, according to an article in Prima.

“As a result, they say, even short periods in which you don’t get enough sleep can reduce immunity and your body’s healing response. Getting less than six hours of sleep every night for one week was found to quadruple the chance of catching a common cold, for example, compared with those who slept for more than seven hours a night. “

I have a Fitbit which shows your sleep every day and the majority of the time mine is fair which between 6-6.5 hours a night but I do sleep every afternoon for at least an hour which it doesn’t note, but I cannot remember the last time I had a full eight hours. 

The Sleep Foundation have written an article on getting good sleep during this pandemic. They explain why the virus affects our sleep. “Coronavirus COVID-19 is a new infection that has spread around the world in recent months. This is a pandemic. This virus is very infectious, so it is easy for it to spread from person to person. To prevent COVID-19 from spreading too quickly and too widely, governments all around the world have placed restrictions on what people can and cannot do. There has also been a lot of media reports about COVID-19 and the associated economic impacts and health effects of this virus.

All of these things can easily make people anxious and stressed. This is natural when there are many unknown factors. Fear and anxiety can cause strong emotions in adults and children, which may result in difficulty sleeping. When our sleep is of a poor quality, or if we cannot get enough sleep, we may not be able to function normally during the day when we are awake.”

The Sleep Foundation have written nine ways to get a good nights sleep here.





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