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The last week seemed to have gone by very quickly, I’m not sure why, but my son-in-law started with the COVID-19 symptoms so the whole family have all self isolated.

I don’t think I have ever felt so useless and, like all Mums I would have done anything to have just popped over to give them a hug and support them if they needed it. It’s in our DNA, and I do think us Mums are finding it very hard to not be with our siblings. My son-in-law seems to have had the worst symptoms but until the 14 days are over we can’t really say if any of them will get any worse. Seeing my granddaughter on FaceTime every day smiling away lifts my spirits.

I’ve carried on with my little private 12 week isolation campaign to ‘get fit, not fat’ and have lost another pound which I am thrilled with. I think the walk every day (which I keep increasing very slightly ) is definitely helping and I have certainly spent time looking at recipes to inspire me to eat healthier.

Every day I still fill in my C-19 health questionnaire from the symptom checker app which I wrote about on a post last week. Check the post out as you really should do this and it’s very easy to fill in and download. I am sure like me that some of the symptoms for COVID-19 we endure ever day so we just have to understand the important symptoms.

I sat at my desk upstairs overlooking the beautiful South Downs on Sunday and made some Easter cards and sent them out to friends to (hopefully) amuse them. I really enjoy making cards, I just wish I could do more.

I eventually got a click and collect slot at the supermarket and we were very impressed with how it was all done. They pointed to where we should park and told us to wait in the car until they put our purchases in bags by the boot of the car and once they had moved away we could then load them into the car. Perfect, we will definitely look for more click and collect spots as you can travel quite a few miles away to get your slot.

I also gave up waiting for my chemist delivery service and joined Pharmacy2you instead which was very easy to sort out and I have a repeat prescription coming next week.

My hubby moved our patio furniture around a bit and I washed all the cushion covers so we could sit out in the beautiful weather. I do think the weather perks you up a bit. I miss my birds which we had in abundance where we lived before we moved here (Sherwood Forest) as we had sooooo many trees. Here, with it being a new house we have no trees yet but they have planted lots and lots at the back of the estate (which overlooks the Downs) so fingers crossed the birds start nesting soon.We did have four rather stunning peacocks walk straight past our front door yesterday and we were impressed with their social distancing 😃.

Our weekly Clap For Carers is about the only social thing we do and look forward to clapping, shouting and cheering for the amazing guys on the front line. I get quite emotional watching on tv but so deserved for all the people helping us get through this awful period in our lives. It will certainly be one Easter we won’t forget.

I hope your third week of lock down has been a bit better with the decent weather and wish all my new and old blogging friends a ‘Happy Easter’, and to Stay Safe until this awful ordeal clears up, and eat lots of chocolate eggs (I know I will).

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