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It’s essential that we all keep as active in mind and body during this also essential lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are not just the elderly and vulnerable that are mainly staying at home there are millions of chronic pain sufferers who spend most of their time at home anyway due to their circumstances. There is also lots and lots on the internet of things you can do at home to keep you busy but an awful lot of them require physical actions which again can be difficult for the people I have mentioned above.

However, I have a few suggestions of my own but they do involve using a laptop, iPad or computer. This does not mean you cannot process this as I am sure you will know someone who does have access to the internet. Hopefully, if a carer sees this post and is looking after an elderly person without access to the internet then they could help them with their phone.

It is something I am doing myself at the moment, I am making albums and or books from old photographs. I am absolutely sure that even the younger generation has lots and lots of photos but the older generation will definitely have that old suitcase somewhere collecting dust somewhere in the house. Now for goodness sake do not go and try and get it out of that closet or loft yourself as you might fall, wait until someone can come and get it for you

There are a number of ways you could enjoy putting your life/holidays etc together to remember after this ordeal is over.

Should you be someone without a mobile phone then hopefully you may know someone who has one or a good camera. Take your time going through your photos and cover your table with them. Only look through them in a comfortable position. I say that as I did the opposite and it really stirred my low back pain up. If you have lots with no dates on then just try to roughly guess the year and put all your piles in yearly order. Now check to see if there are any already on your laptop or phone and again go through them all and put them in monthly and yearly order ready to use. Delete any you don’t like as there is no point in keeping them. I can’t tell you how amazing you will feel just by going through all your photos and it will stir up so many memories. Take your time with this as we have plenty of it at the moment and it’s your life you are looking through. The images below are the two I wrote for my children.

Now decide what kind of book/album you want to write. I will give you my ideas so it might stir some ideas up for you. This is not my first attempt at something like this as when my two children reached 30 I wrote them both a book on their life story up to the age of 30. They had over 250 photos in each book ( I will explain how to do these later). I then did a very special surprise book for my daughter from the day she got engaged until the day she got married. Mum’s and daughters have such a special time together during the pre-wedding time that I wanted to have something for us both to remember. The front and back of the book is below with the date of wedding. Tears were aplenty when I handed it to her the night before the wedding.


If you are someone who does not have access to a laptop or computer for this you could still take pictures of the ones you want and then pop them in an envelope and write on the envelope what you want putting with those photos for someone who has a computer to download them and do it for you.

The new books I am now preparing are my Dads story who we lost in 2018. I started asking him more questions about the war days the older he got as their memories seem to change to remembering the older times rather than the new ones and then I promised my children that I would get all his photos and put a book together of their Grandads life.

The second book I am doing is for my new granddaughter who is 9 months old and I was just getting to know her well when all our worlds were turned upside down. I am making her my own nursery rhymes book using some old ones my Dad made for us, but with her name, in, and some old ones revamped and some I am making up myself. I am even going to have a go at sketching some fun pictures to put into it.

I actually recorded myself singing two nursery rhymes last week which my daughter keeps playing to her. She used to love me singing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ to her bouncing her up and down so I just thought it would be lovely for my daughter to play to her.

Creating these books is getting me up in the morning with enthusiasm and thoughts on what I will do each day. I think of nursery rhymes in my sleep, I remember different holidays and antics with my Dad for the book. They both equally put a smile on my face. It initially started when I decided I needed to update my Complimentary Therapy Book but then I just thought my family come way above sorting that book out.

I have written my books through Blurb, Snapfish and Amazon and I will write another post on how easy it is to do this. I hope this post has inspired some people who are unable to get far during this tricky period we are all going through and I am happy to answer any questions about getting this process sorted. One of my posts this week will include all you need to know about putting your books together with links to all the websites you may need. The book below was my late mother-in-laws life story which she had written before she died and which I promised I would write and publish. This was the first copy I had published for all the family with a picture of my mother-in-law walking with a patient. When they told me to put it on Amazon for anyone to buy I had a different more commercial image made for it.


  1. I started going through photos -first to throw away meaningless ones. (People I don’t know-duplicates-plain bad ones )my hope is to at least make a book for my two kids. You’ve done a great job! Congrats.


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