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I’m not a fast reader so my book reviews may not be monthly but six weekly but I thought I would add a book review to my posts. However, this month I have read” Breathe Well by Aimee Hartley, Easy and effective exercises to boost energy, feel calmer, more focused, and productive” with total ease and enjoyed reading it.

“There’s a simple way we can all improve our health,” says author Aimee Harley, “and that’s by breathing better”. Aimee outlines how lifestyle, emotions, and technology can affect our breathing patterns and includes details of short exercises that can easily be done anywhere from the shower to sitting in your garden. We breathe around 17,000 times a day – so it’s something that we can all improve for better health and wellbeing – no equipment or fancy fitness gear necessary. Aimee’s simple and accessible exercises are designed to fit into your life.

It introduces breath basics and detailing why breathing properly is so important for health and wellbeing, Aimee’s simple, practical exercises easily fit into a busy day.

The book is organised into sections reflecting how we spend our time – from work to sleep and eating to relationships – there are breathing exercises for the office, including how to calm your nerves before a big pitch; how our breathing has been affected by technology and how to counteract ‘tech apnea’, alongside breathing for better relationships, such as exercises to help clear the air after an argument.

Also including breaths to help you perform at your exercise peak and enhance digestion, alongside practical tips such as the top 10 plants to purify the air in your home.

A section on air-purifying plants has resulted in me looking at where else I can put more plants on my window ledges (to husbands dismay). Available from Amazon and other good book shops.


  1. Ooo this sounds like an interesting one. I’d be curious to see what suggestions are made with the plants, but more so I’d be curious to learn more about the types of techniques for breathing. Apparently I should have been given this when diagnosed with bronchiectasis, lung scarring & inflammation but I wasn’t. I did see a video from a doctor about a way to breathe in and cough to try to clear the lungs in those with coronavirus, as well as how lying on your front eases breathing because of the greater surface area, which made me think more about the ways we can breathe better. I’ll keep this one in mind, thanks for the write-up!
    Caz xx


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