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Bad news: Levels of anxiety and stress among people are on the rise. Good news: Antidotes apart from pharmaceuticals are available for healing anxiety and stress. So, it makes sense to give the nine healing herbs a whirl when stress and anxiety strike.

According to reports by Gallup, people are more anxious and stressed than ever. In the United States of America, approximately 55% of individuals reported that they are stressed continuously throughout their workdays. Further research puts down that the use of anti-anxiety prescription medicines is always on the rise.

But what is the reason behind people getting so stressed? Literary works and findings state the lack of a sense of community and increased expectations as the leading causes. Regardless of the root cause, take a look at the healing herbs.

The following 9 healing herbs can help in improving your well-being and health and finding peace.

1. Lavender…

Lavender goes a long way in promoting relaxation. You can avail it in pill form or as an essential oil. The standardized dosage of lavender for anxiety is 80 mg. Widely used for aromatherapy, lavender has excellent effects on the symptoms of anxiety.

Several studies found that taking in lavender can lessen anxiety and improve an individual’s mood. The essential oil of this plant also helps with sleep disturbances that are a direct result of stress and anxiety. So, if you are experiencing anxiety, it is time for you to get a lavender pillow or pot right in the bedroom.

2. Ashwagandha

Withania Somnifera or Ashwagandha comes from the family of adaptogens, and it is said to bring down stress levels simply like magic. The herb works on the hormones and systems of the body to regulate the stress response of a person. 

The herb has long been used as Ayurvedic medicine in India. Clinical trials have investigated the effectiveness of Ashwagandha in reducing anxiety and stress. Results show that people taking Ashwagandha experienced better sleep and lower anxiety levels. This herb can be taken in tincture or tablet form. Daily doses of 5 mg to 125 mg can reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Passion Flower

This beautiful flower works in the form of a natural healer when it comes to doing away with anxiety and stress. It has calming effects on feelings of anxiousness and restlessness. An original native to the Peru region, this herbal remedy has long been used for calming anxiety. Studies recommend the flower aids sleep. 10 to 30 drops of passionflower in liquid extract form can work wonders. However, the herb can also be taken as an infusion, tea, and tincture. 

However, there is more research needed for assessing the uses of this powerful herb. As per NCCIH, certain species of this flower can help in treating stomach issues as well.

4. Kava Kava

This shrub is generally found in the Pacific Ocean islands and is used as one of the most popular ceremonial beverages across the world. The scientific name of this shrub is Piper methysticum. 

It has been proved through studies that it brings about a reduction in stress and anxiety levels when taken in tea, tincture, capsule, and liquid form. 70 to 250 mg of this herb not only relieves stress but also alters the mood of an individual. Reports also claim that Kava might be moderately effective as GAD treatment. The same reports also claim that this is a safe herbal treatment and will not cause any health disorders.

5. Marijuana(Cannabis)…

Marijuana is the mixture of the dried leaves and flowers of the Cannabis sativa plant. It contains two popular cannabinoids, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD or Cannabidiol. The quantity of THC in marijuana is more as compared to CBD. If THC is something that you are looking for, we suggest you order from a weed dispensary as it has medical grade, trusted produce.

THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects, whereas CBD is famous for its health benefits. For new users, using Cannabidiol is suggested at the starting point for stress reduction. A research of 2019 said that CBD could calm the central nervous system provided its use stays under the proper care of the mental health experts and medical providers. 400mg of Cannabidiol in oil, tablet, and liquid extract form can be perfect for relieving anxiety and stress.

You can mail order marijuana to bring about a sense of well-being and deep relaxation in people suffering from stress and anxiety. Check out various Cannabis seed bank reviews before making the purchase.

6. Valerian…

Valerian is one super herb that can reduce anxiety without making the patient sleepy. It does not work as a sedative. Instead, it is a sleep aid that helps patients with insomnia. It might smell nasty, but it has some of the best effects on anxiety and stress conditions in people. Taking it as a tincture or capsule can help you get rid of its foul smell while obtaining the benefits simultaneously. Its dosage ranges between 400 and 900 milligrams before bedtime.

7. Galphimia Glauca…

Clinical studies have suggested that this plant species from Mexico can best be used in the form of a tranquilizer for reducing stress and anxiety. A daily dosage of this herb, which is about 0.175 mg, can bring about a huge reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

8. Chamomile…

If you are suffering from anxiety and you want to have a good sleep at night, the only thing you need is a sip of chamomile tea just before going to bed. Not fond of tea? No problem. Have it in pill form. Around 220mg to 1600mg of this herb is advantageous for the human body. This effective and gentle herb is one of the best natural ways of treating anxiety. The herb also works wonders in easing digestion problems.  

In a study published in the year 2009, the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology came up with claims saying that chamomile can have calming effects on the signs of anxiety in people.

9. Lemon Balm…

The last on the list is Lemon Balm that has been in use since the Middle Ages for reducing anxiety and stress in people. It can even help with sleep issues. In a study conducted on healthy volunteers, it was confirmed that the people who were on consistent lemon balm were calmer and more alert than the others. It is a safe herbal remedy if taken in a dose of 300 mg in tablet or tincture form, but too much of it can make you anxious. So take care!

Final Words

Untreated stress and anxiety get worse with time and can even take a toll on your life. Though such conditions can be treated instantly with medicines, lifestyle changes, and therapies, the herbs mentioned above give visible results. Do try them and see the difference in you! Please remember to always check with your GP first before taking any new type of medications, herbal or otherwise.


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