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Apart from my usual blogging which I find very therapeutic I started a few projects at the beginning of lock-down.

My first project was my shed ( which I’ve written about before). With the help of my husband we totally transformed it. We were so pleased we did as it has given us a lot of pleasure this summer.

I then decided to change all the cushions from my outside dining chairs, settee and arm chairs as I didn’t find them very comfortable. We bought a much thicker foam for all of them but with them not being the bog-standard size it meant I had to make new cushion covers for each of them. Ten in total. 

I bought a midi sewing machine ( a bit better than a mini but just as light) and I followed a YouTube video on how to make box cushion covers. You can see from my photos I managed them quite well. I then made my first envelope cushions to finish the outside look.

My next project was for my granddaughter. I wanted to make her a felt book for her first birthday. This took me a while but as you can see from then end product it turned out ok with lots of touchy feely things in it for her to play with.

My next project was to make the family some face masks. I used an old shirt of my husbands and lined them with some of my granddaughters muslin squares which she had as a baby.

Something I have always done is make my own cards but I was getting bored with my own designs and decided to give pressed flowers a go. I make all my own cards for family and friends and I am often told that I should sell them but I have lots of friends and family so I don’t have many left over. I love the new look with the pressed flowers and really enjoy making them.

I’ve recently started to knit a patchwork throw for when my granddaughter can come and stay. It’s such a great way to use up old wool and I love the way it grows so quickly as it’s so easy to knit. It also makes me feel closer to her although she’s not with me much.

I have also promised my family that I will write my Dads life story. Funnily enough I had an email from the Publishing Parrot Company asking me if I would be interested in publishing my life story on coping with back pain. It’s not something I have thought of doing before but I guess I could add it to my project list.

The next big thing of course is the ‘C’ word. I noticed at a craft shop yesterday the amount of Christmas bits out already so I will never be short of something to do.

I still pace myself with everything I do as sitting for long periods gives me awful low back pain and I have to be careful with my neck but I have all the right equipment and lumber supports etc to hand and as long as I make sure I have a rest every afternoon I can usually do a couple of hours relatively pain free.

What have you been making during the pandemic, I would love to hear from you?


  1. Wow, Bar, you are exceptionally talented! You’ve really been busy, haven’t you? You did such a fabulous job on your cushion covers, and it’s even more impressive since this was your first time making them. The felt book for your granddaughter is such a fabulous idea! Having all those different textures for her little hands to explore is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with us!


  2. Thanks very much Terri, my mind is always super busy and I think if I’d not had a few craft projects to do I would have got quite low. It’s my escape route and really helps me. Take care Terri, and of course, stay safe x


  3. Love seeing all the projects you’ve made! I do think creativity brings a lot of satisfaction and joy (as well as distraction). I have several planned craft projects, but haven’t started them. I did however, get all the supplies and my workspace set up.


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