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What is Influencer Marketing? – Influencer Marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers. Influencers/bloggers like myself are people who have a following in their niche. They are people who write high quality posts for their respective companies.

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Starting with a Blog…

The first blog I set up was for Back Pain. We (influencers/bloggers) can collaborate with an online influencer to market one of its products or services using our blogs to do this.

Back in 2007 when I first started writing my Back Pain Blog influencers were not around. It was just simply a way of reaching out to other people with similar interests to you. For me, it was nice to chat to other people who had spinal problems like myself. But this has changed dramatically now.

Bloggers can achieve the same as cognitive behavioral therapists, only on a scale of lots rather than one to one. Blogging can trigger recognition on your specialist subject. Once this is established you can then start receiving offers from companies who would like to work with you. Writing well will soon bring you a captive audience with products they know will fit with your niche.

In the last couple of years my blog has seen a massive amount of traffic and during this time the title of ‘influencer’ has become common place within the blogging community.

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Social Media Sites…

You will get more businesses engaging with you more if you use other media sites to grow your blog audience and more people following them all. What makes you influential is your following on the web and social media sites. This is essential part of getting more business as an influencer. Popular channels include Twitter, Pinterest, Face-Book and Instagram.

I have built good relationships with many companies I have worked with over the last few years and know exactly what they want from me. If you look after the companies, you work for they will look after you. Something my Dad always told me to remember when I first set up in business.

You should always have an up to date About Me/Work with Me page so companies can get an idea of how you work before they even approach you. Enjoying wiring about your niche is essential. I could spend all day writing on my favourite subjects, my words are part of my immune system and that makes me proud to be a blogger. I find it very therapeutic which is good for my health.

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Influencer Companies…

By far the biggest growth I have seen over the last few years is the amount of companies now looking for influencers. Look online for businesses in your field and see if any are looking for bloggers/influencers. Another big growth industry is in the Beauty Sector, people like to keep well-groomed, and the amount spent at hairdressers and personal care salons in the USA was estimated to amount to about 49.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

Being able to weave your words to accommodate a specific post does not come naturally to most (including me) but the more you write the easier it gets. My love is writing which I think if you enjoy any work you are doing then it will show up in the posts.

Anyone (yes anyone) can work at becoming a successful blogger/influencer. You need to write lots and lots of posts on different subjects to gain interest. You need to develop a reputation for being the best in your field. It will not happen overnight but now is a good time to give it a go with influencers popping up everywhere.

Did you know that the UK is a global thought leader when it comes to healthcare publishing, it has the highest per capita share of the top 1% highest cited life sciences publications worldwide, and is second only to the US in terms of gross share. So, blogging about health is big business.

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Accepting Business…

Recently, and certainly since Covid lockdown in March, I have had a lot of emails from companies who deal with CBD products. I have written about what I have read about CBD but without trying the product myself this is as far as it goes with me. When you start getting businesses interested in you trying out some products you must only agree to them if it is something that you would enjoy trying and writing about. The readers will sense if you have not tried the product as it will show in your post.

Keeping your posts up to date with everything in your field will bring you the dividends and will draw interest from new prospective influencers. And, best of all you can manage it from your home with a simple laptop and a head full of ideas.

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  1. Thanks so much for these fabulous tips Bar! You make such an important point about accepting only things you would be interested in trying and writing about them after you’ve tried them. I think that’s part of maintaining the integrity of our blogs and helping us build trust with our readers. Pinning this!


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