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Facebook, Lizzie Badger said in these, yes, “unprecedented times”, many people have been asking if this years’ event will still happen – what with our strapline being “Join The Hands-on Revolution!” – gosh, nothing could seem further from the truth.

However, the challenges of the times we’re in have revealed a more pressing demand for a different but essential need – human connection.

The focus has therefore shifted from National Massage Day to Pro-Touch Awareness Month this year – namely – how we can touch the lives of others when physical touch is no longer possible.

We’ve seen how the heroic efforts of Sir Captain Tom have touched the hearts of the Nation – and yet so many other acts of day to day kindness and support are happening and are also available on-line. Their impact and ripple effect I believe are equally as valuable.

The month of October will see a wealth of information shared over in the public Facebook group now with over 2,400 members and growing daily! The themes are in the following areas –

  • Combating loneliness and help for when self-isolating
  • Self-care tips for mental health
  • On-line help for supporting clients
  • As always, examples of volunteering, paying it forward and supporting others.

We do still have our free expert platform with over 60 videos, testimonials, articles, benefits, podcasts and case studies from all aspects of touch therapy – from acupuncture to reiki; from lomi lomi to story massage… it’s a fascinating library of great public, student and seasoned therapist interest.

Anyone can access, download and share the information – so please do have a look and feel free to download and share any information. It’s all free of charge.

Source : Pro Touch Awareness Month


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