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There are some lovely self-care boxes available on the internet which would lighten up anyone’s day especially now during these hard times. You could make one yourself or buy one. I have found some that start from £11. Some are subscriptions if you choose to do that, but you can also send a one-off box. You do not need to wait until Christmas to send one as it would make a lovely surprise for someone not expecting anything to drop through the letter box.

I don’t know about you but I get quite excited at the sound of something large coming through the letter box and although I have never received one of these boxes I do get my regular magazines that I have signed up to and some have some freebies in them or extra reading which makes them even heavier.

It is a fight between me and my husband as to who gets to the front door the quickest. The funny thing is that nine times out of ten the only envelopes for my husband are bills.

Here is my choice of some lovely self-care boxes.

A mini spa in a box which will contain the following – 1 jasmine scented tea light, 1 organic detox Pukka teabag, White chocolate jazzles (50g) 2 handmade heart bath bombs, Body moisturiser pouch and Bath salts in test tube all delivered with your own personalised message. All for £11 from Peace & Willow on Etsy.

  • A Hug in a Box Self Care Ladies Package which will contain the following – This box contains a variety of products to help aid relaxation – although each box may vary, but as you can see from the picture it includes lots like tea, chocolate, candle, sweets, hand cream and Vaseline. All for £19.95 from Dougie and Jarvis on Etsy.
  • The Mindful Box which was curated to bring tranquility in these chaotic times and inspired by the owner of LA DI DA Sweet Treats own journey with COVID 19, Sangita hopes it will encourage Brits to focus on self-care this winter. For every box sold 10% will be donated to their mental health partner charity, SANE. It contains organic aromatherapy oils to calming wax candle melts and delicious coated Oreos and delivered with your own message. It costs £25 from La Di Da Sweet Treats.
  • The Mindful Gifting Company make Mindful Gift Subscription Boxes but you can also buy as a one off like this lovely one. All their boxes are hand packed, with anything from 5-7 items. With a range of hand selected products, you will enjoy new things to do. A variety of products which they think will distract your mind and give you that much needed head space as well as indulgent beauty treatments to encourage self-care and nurturing of the body inside and out for £25
  • A pamper hug in a box which contains RoseMini Bath Hearts, Rose and Ylang Bath Salts,
    The Tub – Paraben Free Soap, A Little Pocket Hug, A Wish Bracelet and a Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. All for just £13.50 with personalised message from Moomin Monkie at Etsy.


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