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Creative Impact is a collective of individuals using their creative talent to positively impact others and the planet.

The term ‘creatives’ includes Instagram users, content creators, photographers, writers, coaches, fitness and well being instructors, and professionals. People looking to educate, inspired and motivate their audiences to become the best version of themselves.

For over 5 years Creative Impact have been been running as the health bloggers community of which I am one of them. They also offer courses to learn how to grow your brand and now have an annual health blog awards.

Every two months they release their ‘free’ digital magazine which includes articles, case studies and interviews. In this month Niomi Smart is on the cover and in an exclusive interview Niomi talks openly about using her platform for change and how smart skin is for every single woman out there. They also have an inspiring chat with Andrea McLean about her latest book and mission to inspire 1 million women worldwide.

In six days time the Create Impact Awards 2020 takes place. There will be inspiring conversations about diversity in wellness with Sarah Greenidge, social tricks and tips from the experts at Tailwind and Motivational food for thought from a few special collective moments. They also chat with Debbie Clarke about why we should all be a bit more like Marmite !! (Seriously). You can grab tickets here for the Awards.

So, if you are interested in growing your brand, engage with loyal fans and grow your business online? Then you should join Create Impact. They offer so many free tools and resources you will benefit from any of them.


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