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Here are 7 items I cannot live without this Christmas that help me get through the day. What are yours?

  1. My heat pad – I’ve had a number of them which I use so much they wear out but my latest one from Sweet Dreams Electric Heat Pad which they say is therapeutic, soothing pain relief for arthritis, tension, stomach and back pain. I bought mine from Amazon which was £28.95
  2. My coccyx cushion – I could not live without my coccyx cushions which I have in my car and my husbands as well as on my office chair and a dining room chair when I am working from the dining room table. I have used the Love Home Coccyx Cushion which they say is great for lower back pain, sciatica and hemorrhoid’s pain and yet while supporting my Dad in the hospital recently they have now stopped using these as they think they actually increase the problem with hemorrhoids. Yet again I bought mine from Amazon which was £21.99

      3. My Lenovo Yoga 510 laptop – This was a Christmas present to me from hubby two years ago and I spend far to much time on it but could also not live without it but I am seriously thinking of changing it to a lightweight netbook or ipad as I truly cannot go anywhere without this and it is heavy to carry. I have tried working from my Kindle Fire but it just doesn’t work for me like my Lenovo. I bought mine from Lenovo which was £449.00

      4. My V Pillow – I started using a v pillow after my second cervical neck surgery as I had to wear a collar for a short period and I found the v pillow was something that I could lie on and be comfortable. I now use it to help me sleep like a child would use a dummy and struggle if I go to stay somewhere that does not have one. I bought mine from Dunelm for £12.00

      5. My Iphone 6 – I truly find this is now something that comes with me everywhere and is by my bed at night. I use it to keep in touch with all my friends and  family and write and read WordPress blogs as well as Facebook, If I am having a bad night I use a sleep app or listen to music or sometimes play a card game but it has become my companion for life. I bought mine from 02 and I am on a contract whereby I pay the phone back at the end of it.

6. My Kindle Paperwhite – when I retire to bed I am in too much pain to hold anything heavy so I keep all my books on my Paperwhite which I can lie on my side and lean on a pillow to read. I love my paperwhite and if I am having a bad night I can easily read without disturbing hubby with the built in adjustable light that lets you read indoors and outdoors, day ad night. It weighs only around 182 g so what is there not to like about something that easy to hold. It now pairs with audible if you want to just listen to a story and a single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.


7. My pain killers – during the festive period the post goes a bit haywire and so I always make sure my medications are ordered well before the rush to avoid any mishap. Without my medication I would be quite miserable. Check when your last order for your medications are in case it’s just before Christmas.


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