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What is the difference between a TENS machine and ems units? To start off with I will explain what each do. Heathline explains that a TENS machine is a machine that produces electric current to stimulate the nerves for pain in a non-invasive way. It requires using a small handheld or tabletop device, known as a TENS unit, which is connected via thin wires to adhesive pads.

Dual Channel TPN 200 Plus Tens Machine

However, the Difference Between says it is also important that for maximum benefits of TENS units and for lasting pain minimization, frequent and regular microcurrent sessions are required. But at the same time, some individuals are seen to experience maximum pain reduction and lasts longer and also, the time between the frequency of sessions increases. This is because of the increase in the blood circulation action that helps the lymph system to wash off the toxins from the body. The sensations generated by the microcurrents and the conventional TENS treatments are like tingling feeling than the uncomfortable and distressing feeling of a small electric current.

Healthline explain what EMS is Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is a physical therapy and fitness technique. Like TENS, it involves a machine that transmits electrical impulses through electrodes that are applied directly to your skin.

Unlike TENS, though, the electrodes from an EMS machine are applied to key muscle groups. A common muscle group EMS is used on is the quadriceps after knee surgery. The electrical signals trigger repeated contractions (tightening) of the muscles. The contractions can be short and frequent or long and sustained. By stimulatory actions in the muscles, an EMS unit results in muscle contractions that are same as experiences by physical exercises.

Well-Life Tens/EMS Machine

As far as treatment with these types of machinery it really is up to the individual. For the treatment of pain, then probably the TENS machine might be helpful. This is something I have tried in the past with good and bad results so if you can buy one with a money back guarantee then this has to be a good option.

If you are recovering from surgery then maybe the EMS unit would be good but only under the direction of a therapist or GP. This machine can also help to improve your muscle contractions which could be weakened after surgery.

Either way before buying either unit get advice from your GP who may have a specific one they prefer or chat with a health provider or physical therapist. Don’t just go out and buy one because its on offer. I was leant one by my health care provider before I bought one.

Source: Healthline and Difference Between


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