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Keeping a house clean and tidy often feels like a losing battle. There are plenty of surfaces in a house, and each one attracts a different kind of mess. Given the insurmountable cleaning work, keeping the house clean can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have back pain. There are high chances that you might bend down to pick something heavy or overexert yourself, which can further aggravate your back problems.    

Do you want to clean your house but without hurting your back? Fortunately, there are a few easy hacks that can help you achieve that. Dive right in to find out the best ways to ensure your house is neat and tidy.

The Best Hacks to Clean Your House

Cleaning a house involves a lot of hard work since there are so many nooks and corners that you need to clean. Besides that, you may also need to use specific equipment for it, and it can take a toll on you. People with back problems can often hurt their back while cleaning if they don’t keep the right posture.

If you’re suffering from back issues but still want to get your home clean by yourself, here are five hacks for you:

1.       Choose the Right Posture While Vacuuming

Vacuuming is a boon for people who like to keep their homes clean. It will help you quickly get rid of loose dust, food particles, and accumulated dust particles from rugs, carpets, or even floors. But, it can involve a lot of bending and lead to a change in your posture. Whether it is from bending too much or holding a position for too long, it may increase the pain in your back. Besides that, keeping an ultra-straight back during vacuuming can also lead to spine-related problems.

You can adopt good body mechanics to avoid this situation. Put a small lunge position to reduce the pressure on your back. Also, don’t extend your lunge position beyond the comfort zone. You can also switch your arms and legs to minimize the chance of injury or fatigue. If you suffer from back pain, you can hire special cleaning services like Woodard Restoration to make the task easy for you.  

2.      Use a Stool During Dishwashing

A majority of people dislike the idea of washing dishes. While it may be your least favorite chore, it can also lead to back pain. If you want to reduce the backache and prevent an injury, you can use a small stool. You must rest one foot on the stool while washing dishes to bring you relief. It can work wonders for you, especially if you suffer from sacroiliac joint trouble. This technique will help boost core stability to help prevent back pain or injury.

3.       Follow a Laundry Schedule

Do you feel immense pain while lifting heavy loads of laundry? You might have to set up your laundry schedule to help you deal with it. To reduce the load of laundry, you can break it into smaller lots. If you usually have many clothes to wash, you can also do laundry every day to reduce the load. Laundry can also induce pain in the back due to the constant bending and standing, so you must find a comfortable spinal cord position while doing laundry. 

4.       Carefully Sweep and Rake

Most people involve their spine to perform the task of sweeping or raking. Using this strategy, or using no plan at all, can hamper your health. Instead of using your entire body for the task, you must focus on using the legs and arms. Try to reach for the broom and pull it with your arms instead of turning around to get to all the directions where you see dirt. Always keep one leg in front of the other, and when changing directions, pivot on the back leg to keep the trunk relaxed. You can also focus on only 1-2 feet of area in front of you to avoid overreaching and straining your body.

5.       Make Bed Using Proper Support

Making the bed every morning can be a daunting task. It involves a lot of bending, reaching, and pressure, which adversely impacts your back. When you are making the bed, make sure you don’t slump through your spine or work with an excessively straight spine. You can keep a check on the position and tension in your back while performing this task. To reduce the pressure, you can also position yourself against the bed. It will provide you support and stability while using an arm to prop the weight and work with the free arm.

Final thoughts

Enduring debilitating and chronic back pain can make your life challenging. Performing basic tasks like cleaning your house can become a nightmare that involves a lot of pain. You can follow the hacks given above while cleaning the house to ensure your back and spine stays in good shape!


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