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Healing is a process we all have to go through at some stage in our life and probably more than once. Some well known natural healing methods include hypnotherapy, naturopathy, and massage therapy effectively treat mental disorders and pains. Other types of healing include homeopathy, reflexology, feng shui and acupuncture which I have written about before, but here are another five ways to help you heal the natural way.

  1. But you can also help yourself heal by eating the right diet and include healing foods like eggs, salmon, berries, sweet potatoes, seeds and nuts, poultry, shellfish and leafy green vegetables.

2. Positive Visualisation is another way to help you heal the natural way. It is a technique to master real world situations and achieve goals by using the power of positive thinking. You can learn all about it from websites like Psychology Today or buy a book on it Vivid Visualisation: Success without Stress by John Freeman. This simple and straight forward book not only shows you why we so often struggle to get what we want. It also teaches you how to easily turn that around. Written in the author’s frank and straight talking style, it explains why visualisation is the most powerful tool available to you if you want to take charge of your life.

3. You could try Thalassotherapy which according to Good Spa Guide comes in various forms, and encompasses hydrotherapy, such as mineral-rich showers, seawater pools, and hydro-massage, and algotherapy, such as seaweed, algae or mud baths and wraps. Marine extracts can also be found in products used for facialsmanicures and pedicures.

4. Yogic Breathing can also help heal and can be learnt online or in a studio. A full yogic breath involves consciously breathing into 3 different parts of your lungs. Before you do the full yogic breath it therefore helps to practice the 3 stages individually before piecing them together. In all stages the inhalation and exhalation is done through your nose with your mouth closed. More details can be found at Banyan Botanicals. Learning to breathe slowly and deeply increases the oxygen supply in your body, calms and soothes the nervous system and helps to calm your mind.

A great book is Breathe in Calm: Yogic Breathing and Mindfulness Tools for Instant Anxiety Relief by Domonick Wegesin PhD Ryt-500. It offers powerful neuroscience-based strategies grounded in mindfulness and yogic breathing to help you find the peace you deserve.

5. Colour Therapy uses the energy relating to each of the seven spectrum colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each of the spectrum colours is simply light of varying wavelengths, thus each colour has its own particular energy. These energies resonate with the energy of each of the seven main chakras/energy centres of the body. If you imagine the chakras as a set of cogs/wheels,(the word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel), they are rather like the workings of a clock or an engine; each cog/wheel needs to move smoothly for the clock/engine to work properly. A brilliant site which explains it all in great details is Colour Therapy Healing.


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