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Boostology sell (amongst other things) these beautiful scented candles in a hand carved solid black marble tea light candle holder.

The first thing you notice when you open the lovely box it arrives in is the aroma which starts making you feel relaxed straight away. In the box is the marble tea light holder with one candle in it then another five wrapped up neatly in black tissue paper. Mine came scented with Lavender & Petitgrain essential oils. The scent once the candle was lit seemed to stay around well after I had blown the candle out and definitely made you feel completely chilled. It’s a tiny Candlestick which measures approx 8cm High x 5cm Diameter, and the weight is 380g and feels really solid, but it means it can fit in anywhere.

I was very impressed with the sticker on the lid of the brown box the candle arrived in which explained that the box ( and the brown paper packing tape) can be recycled together. The natural starch beads inside the box are also biodegradable and compostable.

It also came with a leaflet explaining all about the candle and the company who are independent retailers based in London and who offer unique, innovative and exclusive gifts. Each product is designed to give the customer, and the planet, a boost.

They have over 20 years of experience in the business and developed a range of exclusive products that you cannot buy from anywhere else.

Boostology have gifts that are kind to you, and the environment and their range includes organic, vegan, plastic-free ideas and much more.

As part of the companies commitment to the environment they have banned products that are made entirely from plastic. You will only find small plastic accessories (for example lids) on their website, where no pother alternative was available to them.

They plant one tree for every order placed with them, which is truly amazing and is all thanks to a tie-up with ecologi.com.

It may be tiny in size but it makes up for it in the length the candles burn. Each candle is made from slow burning natural soy wax, so gives you 5-6 hours of uplifting pleasure. Once your candles have been used, you can buy more of them separately, or simply add your own tea-light candles.

Boostology orders are sent in eco-friendly parcels like I described above and they recycle all of their office waste and use 100% renewable electricity at their HQ (from solar, wind and hydro-electric power stations).

A natural, reusable scented candle gift that keeps on giving from £19.

Check out all the other products on the website Boostology

Other products on the site include eco-friendly oil diffusers, luxury linen and cotton face masks, lavastone diffuser bracelets, refreshing hand soap, 14k gold filled lava diffuser necklace with essential oil, lip balms, skincare gift sets and lots more. Just head to the website to take your pick from their outstanding range of eco-friendly products.


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