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Pillows are so important to people suffering from any type of back pain or other conditions like Fibromyalgia and CFS.

Even if you have spent a fortune for the best mattress in the world, there’s a good chance you won’t know true comfort until you’ve purchased a pillow specifically targeting your type of pain — whether it’s in your upper back, lower back, neck, shoulders or beyond. It can also depend if you are a front, side or back sleeper.

For me personally it has to be very soft as I am a front sleeper which I know is not ideal for my neck and back but how do you change a habit of a lifetime.

Tim Everett, from The Bad Back Company, who I write a regular blog post for said “Waking up with a painful neck or back is not a good way to start the day. However, some simple bedtime routines that I give to my patients may just help. For side sleepers try placing a pillow between your knees, for back sleepers make sure your neck is in a neutral alignment and try placing a pillow under your knees for additional lower back comfort.”

The Sleep Foundation’s top choice of pillows for back pain sufferers are –

The Independent’s 2021 best pillows are –

Best pillow – The Simba hybrid pillow: £99, Simbasleep.com

Best memory foam pillow – Eve the memory foam pillow: £59, Evesleep.co.uk

Best goose down pillow – Scooms Hungarian goose down pillow: £75, Scooms.com

Best hypoallergenic pillow – Devon Duvets folding wool pillow: £59, Devonduvets.com

Best eco-friendly pillow – Fine Bedding Company boutique silk pillow: £30, Findbedding.co.uk

Best budget pillow – John Lewis & Partners synthetic soft touch washable standard pillow: £10, Johnlewis.com

Hopefully you can find one suitable for you from the above lists.


    1. Thanks, glad it’s helping you. I have bought an acupressure pillow and mattress and use daily and that is also amazing. It’s so nice to buy something that actually works!!!


  1. Great advice. Due to working at home in less-than-perfect conditions for the last year, I started to get terrible lower back and neck pain. It then had a knock-on effect of giving me bad headaches. Knowing it was due to my posture during the day & discomfort during the night, I invested in a lumbar support and a memory foam contour pillow, and it has made such a huge positive difference.


    1. Thanks for that and soooo pleased your purchases were a great help. I invested recently in an acupressure mattress. It’s not full size just about size of you body and I lie on it most afternoons for 15 minutes and it makes a big difference. You can find it on one of my blog posts.


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