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I thought it might be nice at the end of each month to write about a post I found uplifting, inspiring or just one that I really enjoyed.

Invisibly Me writes at least a couple of times a week on a variety of subjects from her regular visits to hospital to posts on lifestyle, health, wellbeing, chronic illness and pain and reviews.

This month her post on Another Hospital Visit : Zero Star Rating really touched me. After coping with excruciating pain for 10 hours she knew there was no other option than to go to hospital. Somewhere none of us want to visit at the moment but needs must sometimes.

Caz goes on to say after tears and lots of problems over the period of a few hours she decided she wanted to sign herself out, she had reached rock bottom and could not take the way she was being look after any longer. But she was basically talked out of it by telling her the implications that could happen to her if she left.

A similar thing happened to my daughter recently when she had her baby and was waiting for some blood test results. She was slipping deeper and deeper into a dark place at a time when she should have been on cloud nine with a new baby in her arms. Luckily for my daughter the tests arrived as she was just about to sign herself out. Apologies came but not until she was just about to go through the door.

There are most definitely far more understanding, gentle and incredible staff in the NHS so it is just a shame that some of them can ruin visits for some patients.

As Caz wrote in her post “The problem is, even the simplest or smallest of slights can be significant to a patient; patients are very poorly, they’re alone, they’re vulnerable and they just need to be looked after or feel like someone cares. That’s all. Just a touch of compassion.”

But, one of the saddest bits to Caz’s article is her last paragraph where she wrote “I feel I could be hung up and quartered for saying these things and that’s not a slight on the profession by any means nor on any one person. I am, and always will be, grateful for the amazing staff there are when you find them, and for the healthcare generally that we’re fortunate to have here and in this day and age.

Read the full post on Invisibly Me’s Blog. You are sure to find some very interesting posts from an amazing lady who suffers chronic illness in her own quiet way.


  1. This is so very kind of you to share, Bar, thank you muchly! I’m sorry for what your daughter experienced; the memories should be beautiful ones after having a child, not what she had. I hope she’s getting on as well as possible, and the little one. It’s hard talking about the less than stellar experiences with the NHS or the staff that work in it, especially with all of the uber positivity during the pandemic. But there will be a lot of people out there with awful experiences, feeling alone and like they can’t talk about it. While acknowledging the positives, I think it’s important to acknowledge the negatives, too.

    Thanks again for sharing, Bar. That’s really kind of you! 💜💙💚💛

    Caz xx


    1. You are very welcome Caz, you cope with enough. I could tell the post was written from the heart. My daughter is good now she’s home and putting it all behind her but you know you might have to go back again and I just hope your next experience is a better one. Stay safe and well xx


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