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I hope you enjoyed my June posts, if you missed any here are the links to the 23 posts I wrote in June.

I wrote my usual Sleep Sunday posts which included

1.Let’s Talk About Sleeping with a Pillow to ease Pain

2. Let’s Talk About Some of the Best Sleep Quotes

3. Let’s Talk About the Best Pain Mats to help you Sleep Better

4. Let’s Talk Further About Coronasomnia/Covid-Somnia

Other posts on a number of subjects were about –

5. Low Back Pain and The Pandemic

6. The Best and Most Effective Acupressure Mat & Pillow

7. Twenty Eight reasons to check over Back Pain Blog UK’s posts for May

8. Ten Unusual and Interesting Facts About Pain

9. The Best CBD Oils for Fibromyalgia and How to Use Them

10. There’s Business Cards & Then There’s Real Business Cards

11. A Simple Guide on Medicare Advantage Health Plans

12. Wego Awards Nomination for Back Pain Blog – I was delighted to be nominated again for a Wego Health Award and would love your support if you get the chance to pop over to the Wego website.

13. Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Many Forms of Cancer

I wrote on my usual Awareness Days/Month/Weeks which in June included –

14. National Carers Week

15. World Blood Donor Day

16. Diabetes Awareness Week

I also wrote on Complimentary Therapies for Pain

17. Crystal Healing for Better Health

18. Mindfulness Meditation for any type of Chronic Pain and Relaxation

19. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Metaphors – this post was a reblog from another blogger as I felt sure my readers would find this very interesting.

For my BPB (Back Pain Blog ) Alert for June I wrote about –

20. Endoscopic Spinal Surgery The Best Route for Lower Back Pain

21. Many Chronic Pain Sufferers Are Told Its in the Head – We Now Know That is Wrong

22. Back Pain Inspirational Quote of the Day – I absolutely love quotes and if you haven’t noticed before I usually leave one at the end of every post.

23. My Favourite Blog Post of the the month from Invisibly Me – My final post for June is one I am going to write at the end of every month and it’s my favourite post from another blogger. Invisibly Me is an amazing lady and she writes some great posts but this one touched my heart and I felt should be my favourite one for June.

My posts were a little bit sparse in June because we had a beautiful granddaughter that arrived on the scene who most definitely took up some of my time.


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