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My favourite post for July is ‘Dear July‘ from the blog ‘Nurture Thyself’, Empowerment, Self-Awareness and Mindfulness.

This post for July was really touching and started with … hug me, I want to feel your heart beat. Something I am desperate for from my daughter who has her second injection in August and promised me an extremely long hug after nine months of pregnancy shielding.

The beautiful words and images in this post and all the other posts makes you feel as if she is writing directly to you. ‘Be brave, darling dear. Be brave. Everything you wish for, believe, and it will come to you.’ How many times do we say this to at least one of our loved ones.

We have all been through a tough time over the last 18 months, more worse than others but without doubt the situation has touched every single persons heart. In the post Nuture Thyself included a lovely quote and wrote ‘This July is all about success, bravery and dusty, dreamy mornings. Things working out exactly as supposed to. It’s about inner freedom, inner light. Not getting lost in thoughts, but objectively watching them pass by.’

Who is the writer? Well her name is Linda and wrote this on her About Me page –

I love the the taste of coffee in the morning. Breakfast in bed, and forgotten books. I love working out, to be strong. Feeding my body delicious, nutritious foods, providing my being with healthy energy. I love curious minds, capturing moments. The feeling of confidence. Poetry. I love sleepy, needy puppies. The power of words. To write. I love the early hours, a light pink sky. A gentle breeze. To stretch. I love spending time alone, quieting the mind. Self-growth. Art. I love travelling, exploring the world. Observing people. The ocean. Outer space. I love snowy mountains. Mother Nature. The animals.

I love being me. But most of all, I wish to connect with you. Humans. 

What a lovely way to welcome July and hopefully August and many months after that. Thanks Linda, I really enjoyed your post. I have ended this post with a lovely inspirational quote.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

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