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After a rather warm July the drop in temperature will have affected many who suffer from rheumatic and fibro pain but I hope the rest of the summer leaves you feeling more comfortable. I covered a lot in July including my usual Health Awareness Days and Sleep Sunday posts.

Other subjects I wrote about included back pain and sciatica, Fibro news, injections and the ups and downs of taking lots of medication. I hope you enjoyed my posts in July and if you missed any here is a list of the posts I wrote.

Health Awareness Days, Weeks and for the Month of July

23 Reasons to read Back Pain Blog Posts for June

Sleep Sunday – Let’s Talk About How Much Sleep We Really Need

Major Research Project to Study Chronic Pain

Fibromyalgia May Be An Auto Immune Disorder

Could There Be A Miracle Jab for Back Pain Agony

4 Health Apps Worth Having on Your Screen

Self Help Books that Boost Your Body & Mind

How Using Herbs Can Boost Your Energy Immune System

Breast Cancer Afternoon Tea

Sleep Sunday – Let’s Talk About Understanding Insomnia

More Help for the Debilitating Pain of Sciatica

Muscle Relaxants Ineffective At Reducing Lower Back Pain

NFA – Tell Us About Your Fibromyalgia Fatigue

Sleep Sunday – Let’s Talk About Seven Sleep Positions That Will Alleviate Back Pain

Back Pain Blog’s Quote of The Day

Use Your Hands to Heal with Hand Reflexology

Medical Cannabis Week 1

Medical Cannabis Week 2

Sleep Sunday – Let’s Talk About the Right Portable Mattress to Sleep On

The Up’s and Downs’ of Taking Lots of Medication for Pain

Different Types of Injections for Back Pain Relief- Which One Have You Tried?

Tai Chi for Arthritis Relief

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