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This week I thought I would post about CBD Gummies to help you sleep as it is something new that I have tried recently. I found them great and I am already on my second box of them. Cannabidiol (CBD) gummies may help people relax, stay calm, and get better sleep. That being said, definitive clinical substantiation of the sleep benefits of CBD gummies isn’t yet available. However, there is enough evidence that suggests CBD gummies are effective in helping people stay asleep, more so than assisting them in falling asleep, which is why I need them.

According to the magazine The Manual some of their choices would be –

Premium Jane CBD Gummies have 25mg of CBD from broad-spectrum hemp plant extract. In addition to CBD, Premium Jane infuses its Mango Berry CBD gummies with CBN, chamomile, GABA, and melatonin, all of which are ingredients favoured for improving sleep. The standard dose is one or two gummies one hour before bedtime. They start from £42.00

Purekana Sleep Aid-Gummies PureKana Sleep-Aid Gummies include 25mg of CBD, 5mg of CBN, and 2mg of melatonin, which can help individuals relax and get a good night’s sleep. Vegan and made in the U.S., PureKana’s CBD gummies are available in Original Berry flavour and also contain hops extract, chamomile extract, and ashwagandha. The recommended dose is one gummy 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed. They cost from £29.00

My favourite is from CBD Oil and is CBD Bear Gummies By Just CBD come in either 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg packs and come with the traditional gummy bear’s shapes that are full of juicy fruity flavours. The selection of soft chewy gummy bears will not fail to impress as it will leave your taste buds going wild.  Each CBD gummy has been made using 99.99% CBD hemp isolate that’s manufactured in the USA with zero THC content and Non-GMO. They start from £15.99

The Manual go on to say that CBD gummy manufacturers recommend that you take a gummy developed to promote sleep 30 minutes to one hour before bedtime. It may take a few nights before you realize the full sleep benefits, as your system needs time to accommodate the natural ingredients in the gummies. It’s also important to consult with your physician before starting with CBD gummies, especially if you take prescribed medication as contraindications may exist.

Source: The Manual, Purekana, Premium Jane, and CBD Oil.

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