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Another month gone by quickly with Autumn on the horizon. I hope my readers have had a great summer and enjoyed some of my posts. This month’s 21 posts included :

  1. Sleep Sunday – my regular Sunday post – ‘Let’s talk About CBD for Sleep’
  2. Back Pain Blog was listed in 100 Best Blogs for Disabled People – I was very chuffed about this one.
  3. My favourite post for July is ‘Dear July’ from ‘Nuture Thyself’.
  4. 23 Reasons to read through Back Pain Blog UK’s posts for July. (just in case you missed them).
  5. BPB Alert – Lumbar artificial Disc Shows Positive 7 Year Outcome for Degenerative Disc Disease – At last some good news on the horizon.
  6. CBD, It’s Benefits and Awareness Day 8th August.
  7. Sleep Sunday – this week’s topic was Lets Talk About Herbal and Natural Sleep Aids.
  8. Health Awareness Days/Weeks/Month of September – another regular post for Back Pain Blog.
  9. How to Kick Start Your Immune System.
  10. 20 Remarks/Comments Someone in Pain Should Totally Ignore – we ALL know them as we have ALL had them said to us at one time or another.
  11. Finding the right consultant for your spinal problems – My story, as I have just found the best consultant for my problems.
  12. 6 of the Best Teas to Drink to Help You Relax.
  13. 5 Things Everyone Should Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak – N J Today. Net – this was a reblog from another blog which I thought should be shared.
  14. Sleep Sunday – this week’s was ‘Let’s Talk About the Best CBD Gummies to Help You Sleep.
  15. 12 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem with a new Skill.
  16. BPB Alert – Digital Therapy Program for Fibromyalgia.
  17. What is Psoroatic Spondylitis of the Spine? – an interesting read.
  18. Acupuncture for Bone Related Pain.
  19. Sleep Sunday – Let’s Talk About Insomnia – this one was a very popular one !
  20. Little Boxes of Wellbeing and Happiness – a little post on some lovely gifts to pick you up.
  21. September Pain Awareness Month – How Do You Define Pain?

Well, that was my month’s post, a few less than usual but I hope to catch up on a few more in September which will include my regular Sleep Sundays, Awareness Days and BPB Alerts.


  1. Thanks Terri, I am a bit chuffed. Hope your keeping well? I’ve had a rough few months of pain so hoping a cervical nerve block next week will make me more comfortable. Lovely to hear from you. Take care xx


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