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Hologram discs for pain?

An article stated that the latest form of pain relief without pills is Hologram patches, which were developed by NASA and was launched in the US. An article in The Mail explained that “they are available in patches or bracelets and work in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure, which are supposed to work with your meridian channels to activate your acupuncture points by way of your biofields.”

They are activated when placed within approximately 2” of the body so can be placed on the skin or the clothing and last for several days.

The best thing about them is no drugs, no side effects and nothing addictive, and Michael J Fox swears by them for his Parkinson’s.

Miracle Balance, a company that sells these disc explain in detail that “the disc uses thermal temperature differences outside the body and under the hologram to create an energy vortex to activate the bodies acupuncture system. The temperature effect in physics is referred to as a thermal sink. Once applied to the body’s energy meridians they activate. Using sound like waves they stimulate your stomach, liver and kidneys. The result is it allows the body to begin to bring itself into balance and you begin to take on a healthier figure. This technology can encourage our bodies own energy fields, to provide Natural Energy Enhancement and: Greater Flexibility, Increased Strength, Better Stamina & Endurance and Improved balance.”

Discs available from Amazon, Miracle Balance Source: The Mail, Miracle Balance


  1. I’ve never heard of these! So great to find a natural tratment for chronic pain, thanks and thank you for joining in at Fibro Blogger Directory each week.


  2. Hi Lee, I’d love to try this but I bet it’s expensive. It’s my pleasure joining in. Fibro Blogger network is brilliant and you work really hard with it.


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