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On Sleep Sunday this week I thought you might find it interesting to know the top twenty reasons why you cannot get to sleep.

According to an article in HR News one in ten of us are kept awake by the dread of going to work the next day. However number one on the list by 55% say that being too hot can keep you up all night.

The study, by And So To Bed, asked 1000 Brits about their sleeping habits to reveal what is most likely to keep them awake at night, the study revealed that over HALF of the UK (55%) can’t hack the heat when attempting to sleep. This was followed by a THIRD being kept awake by anxiety (36%). 1 in 10 admitted that their job and the dread of going to work kept them awake at night.

The study show that a third of the UK now rely on sleeping aids to get a good nights sleep, with two in 10 going for a herbal remedy (that’s me) and over one in 10 relying on prescribed medication It also showed that nearly a third of us take a nap during the day (that’s me again).

1Being too hot55%
3Needing the toilet30%
4Partner snoring23%
5Your phone20%
7The light (street lights or brighter mornings)16%
8Being too cold16%
9A headache15%
11Uncomfortable bed14%
12Road traffic noises13%
15Too much caffeine12%
16Medical conditions11%
17Your period11%
18Your job (the dread of going the next morning)10%
19Co-Sleeping with a child10%
20Partner taking up too much space in the bed10%
HR News 20 Things Keeping The UK up at Night

Some things that we have admitted to doing as a result of poor sleep are – Sleeping elsewhere like on a sofa, napping while working from home. Sleeping on public transport. Waking our partners due to their snoring. Moved into another room to sleep due to partners snoring noise.

Source: HR News

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