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To help you sleep, try some of these hand reflexology points.

The Spirit Gate point is located at the crease on your outer wrist, below your pinkie finger. Feel for the small, hollow space in this area and apply gentle pressure in a circular or up-and-down movement. Continue for two to three minutes.

The Inner Frontier Gate – this is located on the inner wrist, not far from where you’d measure your pulse, this pressure point for sleep is really easy and you will find it in the dip between the two tendons in your wrist. Gently apply a little pressure to your wrist with your thumb and you’ll notice two obvious tendons. The spot in between these two is the inner frontier gate.

You can keep applying pressure to it until you drift off asleep. Massage this pressure point with a circular motion for a few minutes before sleep. It may help to keep applying pressure without movement to help you slow down and drift off to sleep.

Another easy pressure points to locate, is the An Mian spot. It is the spot just behind your ear. It’s usually directly between your earlobe and the hairline that comes up the back of your neck. Using either your thumb or forefinger, massage this spot before sleep and you’ll quickly start to feel your heart-rate slow, readying you to drift to sleep.

The Pericardium 6 Inner pass point is another good one to try. Start from the wrist, measure down with three fingers and when your third finger touches the middle of your wrist press on this acupressure point.

Take your thumb and apply firm pressure to this point until you feel some mild discomfort. Only apply enough pressure to have some sensation but not too much that it causes pain. Hold this pressure point and gently knead your thumb in a tight circular motion for about 2 minutes. Do this to both wrists and you will feel your anxiety descend immediately. This point is also good for nausea.

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