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Chronic pain affects just under 53% of the whole UK population, and 12% of UK adults suffer from high-impact chronic pain, which prevents them from living their life fully, focusing on work, and enjoying social activities. So, it is understandable that people living with chronic pain and inflammation are always on the lookout for solutions and medical treatments. However, one of the most recognised approaches to chronic pain relief is the one offered by the lifestyle medicine branch

Lifestyle medicine focuses on preventive healthcare and self-care, believing in the body’s ability to heal if put in the right environmental and lifestyle conditions. Here are a few lifestyle swaps that can help you naturally reduce the pain and better cope with your condition. 

Move Mindfully But Regularly

Lifestyle medicine focuses on a few important principles, and living an active lifestyle is one of them. However, the type of exercise mentioned is not a one-off effort, but rather an ongoing, sustainable commitment. 

So, you might not be a passionate gym-goer – and that’s okay! But you will need to find a mindful way to move your body. Some options include running, gardening, walking, hiking, or even practising yoga. 

Reduce Stress Through Meditation

Inflammation can emerge as a response of the body to high-stress levels. In turn, high levels of inflammation can make chronic pain much worse to deal with. So, if you are looking for a way to relieve your chronic pain, you will need to reduce stress levels. 

But how can you do that when living such a busy lifestyle? Practices such as meditation, reduced screen time, and mindful eating can help you gain better awareness of your environment and control your stress levels.  

Opt for Plant-Based Whole Foods

One of the principles of preventive healthcare is that food is medicine. So, what you eat really does have a significant impact on your health. If you are looking to reduce inflammation and chronic pain, you should look into what foods and ingredients make your condition worse. As a general rule, you should always opt for whole, plant-based foods that actively help the body’s healing process. 

Focus on Getting a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential for the body to recover, replenish used energy, and heal. Without the right amount or quality of sleep, it is easy to feel more tired, fatigued, stressed, and anxious, which can make your health conditions a lot worse. What you can do to regain your sleep health is to invest in a high-quality mattress, and reconsider your bedtime routine to cut out caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, screen time, and devices. 

Try Natural Remedies

When it comes down to using a lifestyle medicine approach to chronic pain, one of the important steps to consider is avoiding substance abuse, including alcohol and tobacco. Instead, you should consider finding some natural remedies that can help you combat inflammation and reduce the intensity of your chronic pain. For example, CBD and its extracts have been seen to be helpful in reducing joint inflammation. If you prefer not to smoke CBD as a flower, professional vape shops UK can help you find the right device for your needs.


  1. Some lovely, uplifting ideas here – thank you. I think movement is so important in managing chronic pain and, as you say there are so many different types we can try, we’re bound to find something that helps us!


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