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My first Sleep Sunday post for 2022. For this weeks post I thought some tips on getting a good nights sleep might help as I am sure many of us have disrupted our sleep patterns over Christmas.

Before we start with a few tips make yourself a relaxing chamomile tea with milk. Chamomile calms the mind and the milk helps to nourish the body.

Now just find 5 minutes to breathe consciously. If you can sit with your legs crossed ( I was always able to do this before I had problems with my sacroiliac joints). Find a nice comfy cushion to sit on then close your eyes and turn your attention on yourself. Don’t think of anything else in the room except yourself and say out loud or if you prefer in your head “I am calm and relaxed and focused on a good nights sleep”. Say it a few times before you go up to bed.

Take a warm bath or shower as the heat soothes and relaxes your muscles and if you have any Lavender products to hand use them as Lavender is known for its relaxing properties.

Do not eat after 7pm and preferably a lighter evening meal rather than a heavy one.

Sooth with the smell of Lavender using the oil or spray your pillow with it, or put some moisturiser on that is scented with it.

Leave your iPad downstairs and only read in bed if you have a Kindle with it set to night light as this will help you to soon feel sleepy.

If you can meditate then try this pre-sleep meditation. Get yourself comfortable in bed and tell yourself it’s now time to stop thinking about your day but to think about going to sleep. Now start relaxing by thinking about your heels relaxing then all the way up to your head softening each body part as you travel up. With every breath in, imagine yourself lifting. With every breath out, imagine yourself sinking. Continue for a while until you feel completely relaxed.

Finish by popping an eye mask on and snuggle down to a great nights sleep.

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