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Readers Digest wrote an article recently on the best CBD oils for insomnia.

CBD oil is a natural solution that helps you to sleep. CBD relaxes your system and works as a stress buster; it also calms you down. Therefore, it results in a smooth transition to sleep.

The primary source of CBD products, including CBD oil and other edibles, is the hemp plant. Since the cannabis industry is currently booming, too many products are on the market. This article brings you the brands that offer some of the best CBD oil for sleep.

Now cannabis laws have slowly relaxed around the world, CBD is becoming more and more popular as a supplement with a myriad of benefits – one of which is improved sleep and a reduction of insomnia symptoms.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an organic compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. You are likely aware of THC, the most famous compound from the cannabis plant. This is the (mostly) illegal substance that gets people “high” and the ingredient for which recreational users smoke cannabis.

While CBD has previously been illegal in the UK as part of a blanket ban on cannabis as a whole, it is now fully legal. THC remains illegal due to its potential for abuse but CBD alone can be used legally in health supplements, skincare products etc.

CBD has become very popular as a sleep supplement as well as to reduce symptoms of related complaints such as anxiety.

2019 study found that when test subjects were given 25mg of CBD per day, 66% of them saw improvements in sleep.

Another study concluded that 160mg of CBD provided clear additional sleep benefits over placebo.

There is a strong suggestion that CBD can help reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and cause a mild sedative effect that can help reduce stress, anxiety, encourage relaxation and help with a good night’s sleep.

Evopure is a UK based CBD startup that has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. From a product perspective, they have done everything right – their CBD oil is broad-spectrum and high quality from EU hemp farms, they make use of sustainable farming practices and offer independent testing results for each batch letting you see exactly what your bottle contains. Evopure work with organic hemp farmers to simplify the supply chain and deliver all-natural CBD to your doorstep carbon-free. Good for you. Good for your conscience and good for the planet.

Otto Pillow Mist is a high quality CBD blended with lavender, chamomile and vetiver to help you get a full and comfortable rest. With 2400mg, the Pillow Mist is a high quality, high strength product, for those who take night-time seriously.

Following a 2 week survey, 81% of participants reported an increase in sleep quality.

Apothem Lights Out CBD Oil Drops – LIGHTS OUT CBD oil sleep drops. Created to help you wind down at the end of the day, our formula blends the highest quality CBD with soothing L-THEANINE, calming CHAMOMILE, and regulating 5HTP botanicals, all wrapped up with the soothing natural flavours of Vanilla and Caramel.  

Awarded Best CBD Sleep Drops by the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021 and Best New Wellness Product at the Pure Beauty Awards 2020.

Kiara is a Deep Sleep and Relax Tincture that combines Full Spectrum CBD Oil with a highly potent extraction of the top four plants used in medicinal products to relieve anxiety and enhance sleep.

Their Deep Sleep and Relax Tincture is extracted at a highly concentrated 1:3 ratio – it is one part pure plants, and 3 parts liquid. We use alcohol as the base for our tincture – this is the fastest way to deliver stress-relieving compounds to your bloodstream, without compromising their effects.

For stress relief, place 1-3 full pipettes into a glass of water or juice. For sleep, place 3-10 full pipettes into a glass of water or juice. Swallow. You will begin to feel the effects of the tincture within minutes.

Source: Readers Digest Back Pain Blog Health Disclaimer


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