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I kickstarted January with a New Year Quote –


2. How To Kickstart Your Health in the Right Direction for 2022. – lots of information about Dry January and Veganuary…

3. Instead of New Year Resolutions I decided to write a list of things I wanted to try and achieve in 2022. 30 Things I Plan To Try and Achieve in 2022...

4. January is National Blood Donors Month so I wrote a post on – January Is National Blood Donors Month – Give Blood and Save Lives…

5. Low Back Pain – Another Symptom of the Omicron Covid-19 Virus –

6. The Fundamentals of Recovering from An Accident

7. Apitherapy Bee Venum for Pain from Acute to Chronic Illnesses...

8. As usual my Sleep Sunday posts were very popular and included – Let’s Talk About Tips to Help You Sleep Better…

9. Sleep Sunday – Lets Talk About How to Banish Your Insomnia…

10. Sleep Sunday – Let’s Talk About How to Banish Your Insomnia Part 2…

11. Sleep Sunday – Let’s Talk About 4 of the Best CBD Oils for Insomnia…

12. Use Healing Herbs in Your Cooking – this was a reblog from my other blog ‘Afternoon Tea4Two’ as we all need to look after our health and these herbs can help keep you healthy.

13. Some more Back Pain Tips last month with this list of 26 Back Pain Tips to Keep The Pain at Bay…

14. Top Tips for Preventing a Back Injury When Lifting Heavy Items at Work…

15. This post is about Aquatic Exercise for Health which is something I want to add to my list of Things I Want to Achieve in 2022. Aquatic Exercise is Better Than Physical Exercise for Lower Back Pain…

16. Shoulder Pain Relief with Chiropractor Care is a repost from Dr. James Schofield’s blog as so many people suffer from shoulder pain and I think this post could help relieve some of their pain.

17. 5 Types of Chronic Pain that you Can Manage using White Horn Kratom – White Horn Kratom is not something I had really read about before but it sounds very interesting as a treatment for pain.

18. The Antibiotic Jab for Back Pain – wouldn’t this be marvlous if this worked for us all suffering from back pain – it is an interesting read.

19. Relaxation Therapy for all Types of Chronic Pain – this is definitely worth a try.

20. A Healthy Lifespan with (DNA) Do Not Age – I am fascinated by this companies products and I am definitely giving some a try so watch out for my reviews.

21. Another post about the uses of Kratom – How to Use Kratom for Inflammation.

22. Feel Amazing By Volunteering in 2022 – It’s Good for Your Health – I have chosen one from this list as I love making handmade cards and thought the idea of making them to cheer a child up was definitely up my street. Check this post out, I am sure you will find something you would like to try.

23. 5 Weeks on from SIJ Injections – My regular readers will have seen I went in hospital just before Christmas for some Sacro-iliac Injections and I have been writing about how amazing they have been for my pain.

24. Psoriatic Arthritis/Fibromyalgia Share Common Symptoms

25. My usual Health Awareness Days/Month post which is also very popular. You would be surprised how many awareness days there are now. Health Awareness Days for February 2022.

26. Supplements for Fibromyalgia from DNA – I have started taking some supplements from this company so I will review the results when I have finished them.

27. PEMF Therapy For All Types of Pain – This is a therapy I have not written about before but once I started researching about it I felt my readers who be very interested in it.

28. My final post of the month was how the NHS had produced a list of 20 of the most painful conditions which included Fibromyalgia. So, for any sceptic’s out there read this article before you comment on whether it is a real conditon or not. Fibromyalgia is Listed in the NHS 20 Most Painful Conditions.

I hope you enjoyed my posts for January and look forward to hearing from some of you about my posts in February. I will finish with my quote for the month of January.

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