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Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a complementary therapy that was named after Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologist.

Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning Universal Life Energy, an energy that is all around us. It is regarded as “life’s energy’” and creates a feeling of deep relaxation. Energy blockages are removed, allowing a free flow of life energy throughout the body. Toxins are removed from the body with other waste products leaving the system much more quickly. Then, with the toxins removed from your body, more energy can be received and your vital processors and functions become more highly tuned.

The hands are the main instrument used in the healing by Reiki and can be effective through clothing. It has also been useful for anyone taking drugs to help reduce some of the side effects. They say it is possible to heal acute injuries but chronic injuries can take longer to heal. Reiki therapy is available to anyone and can help the receiver of the therapy to achieve a more relaxed approach to life and greater harmony.

Reiki is good for promoting healing, bringing harmony and peace, helping with memory, anxiety, weight loss, addictions, relieving shock and relationship difficulties and much more. It’s a non-invasive treatment and even if it just gives you the feeling of being completely relaxed for a while you will benefit from the treatment.

According to the International Association of Reiki ProfessionalsIn addition to other natural, non-invasive therapies, Reiki is becoming an increasingly popular option for chronic pain. Since Reiki is being offered in more private practices, hospices, and hospitals, more patients can benefit from the treatment than ever before.

According to AltMD, beyond signalling a physical problem, chronic pain can also stem from psychological and emotional disturbances. Reiki can resolve them by allowing healing energy to flow freely. The result is reduced pain and tension, as well as feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. Unlike most other treatments, Reiki is a multi-purposed method that can heal both physical and emotional ailments. Through Reiki, some patients suffering from pain due to cancer, injury, or psychological or emotional distress have found relief where other methods were not successful.

When you go to a reiki therapist they will be asked to just remove your shoes and you will be asked to lie on a couch or massage table and usually covered in a blanket. You will be asked to try to relax and close your eyes and usually, they will play soothing music in the background, and the room will have its lights low to help you relax. The therapist will then place their hands over various parts of your body’s energy points and chakra positions to enable the energy flow. Sometimes the therapist’s hands will touch you and other times their hands will hover just above your body. The therapist I went to some years ago always put one hand under my low back and the other above my body.

You could also try this by deciding on healing yourself by putting your hands on the part of your body that needs some attention or unblocking. Then, keeping your fingers together, imagine that healing rays are radiating from your palms. Now send high vibrations of love and thanks to where they are needed. Or you could try a Reiki Bath.

Natural Health Magazine talks about taking a Reiki Bath to help you relax and reduce feelings of anxiety. Jasmin Harsono, author of Self Reiki: Tune in to Your Life Force to Achieve Harmony and Balance believes that you can become your own healer. Jasmin says that a Reiki bath is a wonderful way to relax and recharge your energy levels. It involves performing a full Reiki self-treatment based on the seven main chakras: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root.

Lie in a bath of warm water. This offers a simple way to remove toxic energies and encourages fresh energy to circulate clarity, balance and positivity. It can help you sleep better at night, reduce anxiety, and heighten a deeper sense of relaxation.

Create the right atmosphere by filling your bathroom with candles, crystals, soothing music and pop a few of your favourite essential oils into your bath. Once you are settled into your bath simply close your eyes and place the palms of your hands together. As you allow your breath to flow naturally, you should feel your mind and body becoming calm and clear of distractions. Now starting at your crown follow the hand of positions of the full Reiki self-treatment, spending about three minutes on each chakra. Then simply repeat the five principles which are, Just for today, do not anger. Just for today, be grateful. Just for today, work with diligence. Just for today, be kind to yourself and others. Just for today, do not worry. For the best effect repeat this every time you have a bath.

Before leaving your bath Jasmin suggests that you take three deep breaths into your abdomen, then exhale with an ‘ahhh’ sound. When you’re ready, let the water drain from the bath as you place your hands together and thank Reiki.


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