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If you’ve ever woken up from sleep under a heavy blanket and throw then you will have had a taste of how weighted blankets work.

By applying gentle pressure, a weighted blanket actually mimics therapeutic massage known as deep pressure touch stimulation. This firm pressure relaxes the nervous system and “triggers a chain reaction in the body that releases an overall sense of calm and peace.” They consist of plastic pellets or ball bearings that make the blankets heavy with an average weight of around 7kg.

The good things that come out of using this blanket include reduced pain, better sleep, improved focus, and lower anxiety levels.

When used at night, a therapeutic weighted blanket creates a wonderful sense of comfort and well-being. This allows the user to unwind and relax faster and easier than they normally would, perfect for those who suffer from insomnia.

The benefits includes the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone which regulates your natural sleep cycle.

I am sure you will have heard of oxytocin, which is a neurotransmitter sometimes referred to as the “happiness hormone.” There are different ways to boost the body’s production of oxytocin but, Sense Calm writes that Dr. Timothy J. Legg at Medical News Today writes, “When people hug, the body releases the hormone oxytocin… The weighted blanket essentially imitates the warmth and security that a hug provides. Both the blanket and hug use a gentle, firm pressure that goes deep within the body giving a sense of repose that allows the body to relax.” 

 Fatigue is one of the most commonest and debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia, which often goes hand-in-hand with sleepless nights. Weighted Blankets can help you have restorative sleep and have a better night of quality sleep.

The Independent writes “Sensory weighted blankets and clothing are nothing new; therapists have used them for more than a decade to help people with autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. But the blankets only really hit the mainstream consumer market recently, when people started sharing how comforting they found them.”

The Sleep Advisors website lists this years 10 best weighted blankets reviewed and compared.

Deep sleep is well known for our bodies to heal, restore, and reduce pain sensitivity. There are so many reasons to get enough sleep.

Healthline lists a number of 10 reasons you need to have a good sleep pattern –

  1. Losing sleep can impair your body’s ability to fight off illness.
  2. Your chances of developing coronary heart disease or having a stroke are greatly increased with less sleep.
  3. Your cancer risk increases.
  4. You can’t think properly.
  5. You forget stuff.
  6. Your libido diminishes
  7. You gain weight
  8. Your risk of diabetes increases
  9. You’re accident prone.
  10. Your skin suffers.

Source: Applied Behaviour Analysis, Sensa Calm, Physcology Today Medical News Today, The Independent, The Sleep Advisors, Healthline


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