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Back pain remains one of the most prevalent health problems and a leading cause of disability and has increased greatly during the pandemic.

  1. One of the main reasons was a lot fewer people went to the gym during the pandemic.

2. The ergonomics of working from home were greatly missed with people working from their beds or uncomfortable chairs on a daily basis, leaving many with back pain.

3. During the pandemic, people were also eating a lot more and being overweight increased the risk of back pain.

4. Back pain can also be one of the side effects of the pandemic. Healthline wrote that back pain caused by COVID-19 is often described as a deep pain instead of a sharp or stabbing pain that may accompany a sudden muscular injury. Pain caused by viral infections is also less likely to be eased by changing your posture than the pain caused by muscular injuries. Researchers are still trying to figure out how common it is.

5. A decrease in daily activities is another reason more people are suffering from back pain.

6. The stress of the pandemic and the increase in living costs is also a contributor to back pain as people’s muscles tighten and increase pain. When you have a lot of stress, that creates tension in your muscles. Untreated depression or anxiety can also add to increased pain.

An online survey in Malta done by Pub Med showed that “out of the 388 responders, 30% experienced chronic back pain pre-Covid-19, 49% experienced back pain since Covid-19, with the majority of the latter claiming that they never experienced back pain before Covid-19.

Source: Kera News Healthline, Pub Med


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