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I Have Arthritis And I Have To Live With It-NOT!!

Dr. James Schofield

Back, Neck and Hip Pain Relief

Many times, in my 38 years as a practicing chiropractor, I have had a new patient with pain in their low back, neck or hips come to my office and make the statement: “I have arthritis and my doctor told me I have to live with it.” Yet, I have hundreds of other patients with arthritis, and they have little or no pain. Often it comes as a surprise to those who suffer with osteoarthritis that this very common condition can be helped. This article will discuss osteoarthritis and how one can achieve relief of osteoarthritic pain.

Osteoarthritis is simply degeneration of a joint. It may be mild or severe. A good example of this type of arthritis would be a football player who suffered an injury to his right knee in high school. As he becomes middle age, that knee may have arthritis…

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