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We all love some flowers in our house but did you know that some of them have health benefits as well. The right shade of flowers can actually give you a boost. A recent study reveals that the sense of smell is greatly linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Using the peanut butter test, sense of smell can improve or reveal any signs of the disease. The sense and smells from flowers have strong triggers that tap into one’s memory faster than anything else. Here are five flowers to enjoy their health benefits.

  1. Orange Ranunculus – This flower can help rebalance joy, optimism and wisdom. It can brighten up the worst of the dark days.
  2. Pink Tulips – They call pink the colour of relaxation. A shade of pink named Baker-Miller has even been used to help reduce violence in hostile environments.
  3. Blue Forget Me Nots have a calming colour which is reflective of the sea and sky. The blue blooms are said to stimulate mental clarity, creative expression and aspiration.
  4. Purple Anemones are well known for keeping you motivated and inspired. They will also calm you when you could be feeling a little overwhelmed.
  5. Yellow Chrysanthemums will inspire feelings of happiness and warmth. It is also said to drive confidence, clarity and contentment, optimism and joy.
  6. Peace Lilies as per studies were done by NASA it was found that peace lily keeps surrounding air clean by removing benzene and formaldehyde from the environment.
  7. Jasmine flowers are mostly white, however, there are species that bear yellow ones and some rare species with pink flowers. Jasmine can soothe you, eliminating stress with its great fragrance. The scent of jasmine precisely has earned its credit as an instant stress reliever for many.
  8. Gardenias are fragrant florals you’ll commonly find in flower gardens. These flowers emit a fresh smell that reduces stress and induces sleep. One analysis found that gardenia flowers are great natural alternatives to sleeping pills like Valium. Another study found that you’re less likely to wake up in the middle of the night and more likely to have a restful sleep with gardenia flowers. Instead of reaching for a sleeping aid when insomnia strikes, try picking up some gardenia for your room for a natural remedy to sleeping woes.

Source: Topical Talks, Pro Flowers


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